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Ad Survey Finds the Majority of U.S. Consumers Believe Marketing’s a Bunch of Crap

The Internet may have mostly made it past the phase of popup ads, though they certainly still exist in dark corners of the web, but it turns out that online advertising may not be out of the woods just yet. According to a survey conducted by Adobe, consumers pay more attention to radio ads than they do online ones. The only kind of ads that polled worse were those that show up in apps and games. Even more amusing than that is the fact that 53% of those surveyed thought that “most marketing is a bunch of B.S.”

The survey, detailed in the report titled Click Here: The State of Online Advertising, was conducted from October 8th to 16th by the research firm Edelman Berland. They polled 1,250 adults, with 1,000 being from the general population and 250 of those being what the report calls “Marketing Decision Makers.” Likely as not, this just means there was a nice chunk of people from the advertising and marketing side of the equation involved.

When asked to describe online advertising, the three most popular choices were “annoying,” “distracting,” and “all over the place.” That about sums up what consumers really think about online ads. There also appears to have been a lucky few that claimed to have never seen an online advertisement, though how they’ve managed to avoid the ad-pocalypse that is the Internet is unknown.

Though this doesn’t necessarily prove anything, it certainly sheds some light on the prevailing opinion on online advertising’s effectiveness. In short: It’s not, and marketers and advertisers needs to start figuring it out if they actually want to capitalize on the Internet.

(Click Here: The State of Online Advertising via TechCrunch, image via Noemi Margaret)

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