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This Guy Made An Actual, Working Spider-Man Web-Shooter And Whoa

I have a mighty need.

Spidey’s web-shooters are the coolest and we all want them, obviously. But Patrick Priebe took his Spidey-love one step further and created actual, functioning versions of the web-shooters; one that’s essentially a laser-guided harpoon gun, and, well, let’s just call the other one a Burninator. Do want.

Since sticky spider-web stuff doesn’t quite exist yet, Priebe’s launches and retracts fishing line out of a wrist-mounted coil, triggered by Spidey’s famous two-finger motion. Priebe, a “German laser weapons hobbyist,” also created a second version of the shooter that fires a “burning wristlaser” which immediately sets things on fire. What could possibly go wrong?

(via Comics Alliance, image via YouTube)

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