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Brand New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Clips Reveal a Lot About the Movie’s Peter/Gwen Plot

With great spoilers come great responsibility. Or however Martin Sheen wants to paraphrase it.


If there was one place that Amazing Spider-Man definitely beat out its predecessor, it was that its characters felt a lot more like real people, and now it looks like the sequel wants to expand on that by throwing a wrench into Peter and Gwen’s relationship. So, there’s all that on top of a movie that seems to have an unlimited supply of villains. I’m very confused about what kind of movie this is.

In this exclusive clip from the Daily Mail, you get a bunch of scenes not yet shown in the trailers and some behind-the-scenes clips where plot points of the relationship will be spelled out for you, so beware if you’re strongly anti-spoiler.

(via Daily Mail, image via Sony Pictures)

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