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Actor Released From Jail After 25 Closely Monitored Bowel Movements

Nigerian comic actor Babatunde Omidina (stage name Baba Suwe) was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling, supposedly having ingested said drugs in order to more easily smuggle them to Europe. He was arrested last month while on his way to take a flight to France, and was kept in detention for 24 days, over which authorities monitored his bowel movements to see if any kind of illicit material was expelled. After closely monitoring 25 unsuspicious bowel movements, Omidina was released on bail.

One wonders why Omidina took 24 days to hit the pot 25 times, and celebrated poopers would also wonder why prison authorities didn’t just provide him with meals that would further the process and increase the frequency of the actor’s bowel movements. At least on a steady diet of coffee, steak, and McRibs, Omidina could’ve had a much more pleasant stay in prison.

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