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The Nintendo PowerGlove Proves to be Frighteningly Prophetic

The PowerGlove is fondly remembered as being one of the most ridiculous Nintendo peripherals of all time. Despite being famously “so bad,” the concept of a glove-controller has apparently persisted to this modern age and might actually be useful. At least, thats what AnthroTronix, the makers of the AcceleGlove are banking on

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Unlike the PowerGlove, the AcceleGlove actually does something. Using six 3-axis accelerometers, the glove can sense either dynamic or static movements of the hand.  The AcceleGlove’s creators invision it as an open ended tool, and encourage users to come up with their own commands for movements. One such example is an existing application for the glove understands American Sign Language.

Now, this might seem a little unnecessary since joysticks, touchpads, and newer devices like the Kinect are already fairly entrenched as electronic controllers. However, seeing it in action is more than a little impressive. Read on below to see the glove in action, controlling a robot and retrieving a ball.

(via IEEE Spectrum)

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