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Pay What You Want for 92+ Hours or Programming Instruction

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Our Pay What You Want bundles are some of the best deals you can find—and that’s especially true with it comes to often-costly coding courses. Case in point: valued at $1,539, you can pay what you want for our newest nine-course coding bundle at The Mary Sue Shop.

Pick up this bundle and start mastering your pick of skills and programming languages. These nine courses cover:

– The essentials of Python, with hands-on instruction in creating a Flappy Bird clone

– How to build responsive sites from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery

– Vital Linux concepts for engineers and power users alike

– How to write easily maintainable code with Ruby

– How to streamline your programming with Git

– The basics of Amazon Web Services

And that’s just the beginning. These courses are packed with 92+ hours of instruction, including examples, step-by-step guides, and hands-on projects—everything you need to become an in-demand developer.

Don’t miss your chance to pay what you want for this coding bundle at The Mary Sue Shop!

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