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A 7 Year Old Starfire Fan on the DCnU

Great Hera!

“She’s like me. She’s an alien new to the planet and maybe she doesn’t always say the right thing, or know the right thing to do. But she’s a good friend, and she helps people. She’s strong enough to fight the bad guys, even when they hurt her. Even her sister tried to kill her, but Starfire still fights for the good side. And she helps the other heroes, like Superboy and Robin and Raven.

“She’s smart too. And sometimes she gets mad, but that’s okay because it’s okay to get mad when people are being mean. And she’s pretty.” — Author Michele Lee talks to her daughter, a big fan of Starfire.

In Lee’s post, which is currently unavailable (due to traffic?) but you can read on io9, also covers her daughter’s reaction to Starfire’s new look in the New 52. Nails, they are hit, very accurately, in cranial regions.

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