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New Ongoing Comic Series To Take With You Past Black History Month

At the end of many a Black History Month story, there’s a reminder that the attention towards Black history, issues, and art should continue beyond the 28 days in February. This is absolutely essential. For those looking to do so via their comics collections, here are some awesome comic books (generally rated T or higher) that are perfect to start this month and take with you moving forward!

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What qualifies as a perfect entry to include on this list? Well, the writer or most of the comics team must be Black. That’s a given. The characters and story can of any background. The other limitation is that to be considered “new,” the books must have four or fewer issues by the end of February. That means issue #1 must have been released on or after November 2022. Accessing these books digitally isn’t hard, but we want to make it easy to find these at your local comic book store! These are titles you can buy and then include in a pull box.

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade

Bloodline Daughter of Blade.

After watching Wesley Snipes as Blade, you would think it couldn’t get any cooler regarding vampire slaying. Nope, it can and her name is Brielle Brooks! Following an increasing number of supernatural events, Brielle learns she’s the spawn of one of the most infamous Daywalkers in history. Balancing softball, grades, and the Atlanta undead is a lot to have on a teenager’s plate. So yeah, Briella really didn’t need a father she’s never known complicating her life more. This five-issue run (written by Danny Lore with art by Karen S. Darboe) released issue one on February 1.



In Monarch, a teenage boy named Trayvon deals with bullies and more in the Compton orphanage he was raised in. The day-to-day high stakes get more intense as he’s centered as a person of interest in an alien invasion. Written by Eisner-nominated and HBO’s Winning Time writer Rodney Barnes, this first contact story also features the talents of Alex Lins and Jason Shawn Alexander. Fans of one of the best modern horror comics, Killidelphia, might recognize Barnes and Alexander as request collaborators. Because Monarch began on February 8, you only need to acquire the current issue to join!

Monica Rambeau: Photon (Marvel)

Lucas Werneck cover for Monica Rambeau Photon #1.

We’ve already covered this stunning artwork for this series back when the variants were revealed months back, but a good idea is worth repeating. That “good idea” of course, is that you should go check this out! Here Monica, a.k.a. Photon, is tasked with delivering an important artifact, and in that encounter, a series of events unfolds that further calls into question her place in the larger galaxy of heroes. While navigating these questions (which mirrors the weird place Photon has existed in within Marvel), family drama finds itself impeding work. (I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not her mom.) Though this story probably won’t tie into The Marvels, there is a possibility that aspects of her design will be featured in the movie. After all, Marvel gave writer Eve L. Ewing a few clear details to include despite this story’s separation from the MCU.

Galactic Patrol Delta

Galactic Patrol Delta Comic.
(GodHood Comics)

Following the popularity of series like The Antagonists and Kiesha Carter is Mega Woman, GodHood Comics released its newest series Galactic Patrol Delta! After being saved from a war-torn village in Ethiopia, Selam becomes the first human enlisted into the Galactic Patrol Delta. Under Sargent Sufi Kahn, she and other recruits began their trek across the galaxy in this space adventure. Created by Tyler F. Martin, the series also brings together Devin Ascott (editing), Bruno Abdias (art), and Ifansyah Noor (colors). Godhood Comics released issue one of Galactic Patrol Delta in January.

Dark Crisis: War Zone

Dark Crisis War Zone Comic.

This entry is complicated. Technically Dark Crisis: War Zone comes after six other issues, however, it’s a one-shot that was released in December 2022. So, if you did want to jump in, this would be the time! After a climactic event causes the classic Justice League falls apart, a new group is formed with the Flash and others. To continue this story, pick up issue seven— Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. The writers include Frank Tieri, Jeremy Adams, Matthew Rosenberg, and Stephanie Williams. Additionally, artists include Caitlin Yarsky, Fernando Pasarin, George Kambadais, and Serg Acuna.

Star Wars: Sana Starros

Star Wars: Sana Starros.

Beginning one’s wider understanding of Star Wars lore through comics is a great way to explore in a visual medium if the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels are too intimidating. Written by Justina Ireland with art by Pere Perez, this new series stars Sana Starros. After years of heisting with the likes of Han Solo and other seedy characters, Sana decides to forge her own path. When you fall in love with Ireland’s writing, in particular, check out her other novels—including her many The High Republic stories. This new series begins that journey, and the first issue released on February 6.

Honorable Mentions:

One series that barely falls outside of the earlier parameters is Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Legion of Bats! In February, the sixth issue was released. However, I will include it anyways because 1) I love Tee Franklin’s work so much and 2) one of my two local shops has a lot of extra copies—so, yours might them too! This series follows girlfriends Harley and Ivy at odds as Harley joins the Batfamily and Ivy leads the Legion of Doom.

Another series very much worth mentioning is the ever-popular and award-winning series Bitter Root. This Image comics story by David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene follows a supernatural family who cures the physical manifestations of hate in the 1920s. Why read it now (if you haven’t already?)? The omnibus was released this month! Also, Walker teased the story was returning this year and set in a future decade! The series went on hiatus after issue 15 in 2021.

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