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Is the Penguin Invading London Now? Giant Rubber Ducky Sails the Thames

For reasons we still don’t quite understand, Tim Burton decided to have the Penguin cruise around Gotham City in a giant rubber ducky in Batman Returns. That made about as much sense as what happened yesterday. To promote their new “FUNdation,” sailed a 50-foot-tall rubber ducky down the Thames in London, England. Is a thing in America? We wouldn’t hate seeing a giant rubber ducky cruising down the Hudson when we leave work today. is an online bingo and slot-machine parlor that is seeking submissions for fun ideas on their Facebook page. The stunt was to encourage the people of London to submit ridiculous ideas for potential funding, because is concerned London isn’t having enough fun. That’s apparently what “FUNdations” do.

That also sounds like something the Joker would do, only the ducky would have been filled with Joker gas and killed everyone. Users who submit ideas are entered for a chance to win 500 “Joy Points, “which we’re pretty sure is the official currency in England now.

If you’re looking for ridiculous ideas, might we suggest you pay Arnold Schwarzenegger to sing the “Snow Miser Song” from The Year Without a Santa Claus and tell bad ice-related puns? That seems like the kind of thing you’re looking for. We’re of course assuming that you’re only taking ideas based on ridiculous things in Batman movies.

Since online gambling is illegal in the States, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting to see a version of the giant ducky come stateside any time soon.

At least we have this fun little video of the ducky’s voyage:

(via JackPotJoy FUNdation)

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