4chan Helps Burger King Maintain Food Safety Standards

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On Monday, this picture was uploaded anonymously on 4chan, smugly proclaiming “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King“. Yeah, well these Burger King employees might be good at balancing themselves on buckets of vegetation, but they’re not very good at removing Exif data from their photos. The denizens of 4chan were quick to notice, and the very next day, the lettuce-stepper was fired.

The original post was made on 07/16/12 at 11:38PM.

At 11:47PM, another 4chan user noted that the photo’s Exif data pointed to Mayfield Heights, Ohio. This is why we use imgur, people.

At 11:50PM, just 12 minutes later, someone posted the address of the Burger King branch in which the lettuce-stepping occurred, wishing the OP a happy unemployment.

At 11:55PM, someone had apparently contacted the news.

At 11:58PM, someone posted the link to Burger King’s Tell Us About Us form, with a photo of The Dude we shall interpret as enthusiastic endorsement. You can’t mess with food like that, man.

Things happen so fast these days. Here, have a look at the thread (minus the food puns).

The next morning, Cleveland Scene Magazine contacted the Burger King establishment and talked to the breakfast shift manager, who, upon seeing the offending photo, said “Oh, I know who that is. He’s getting fired.”

Shortly after, Fox 8 News received this statement from Burger King’s Manager of Global Communications, Denise Wilson:

Burger King Corp. has recently been made aware of a photo posted on a social networking site that allegedly shows a BURGER KING® restaurant employee violating the company’s stringent food handling procedures. Food safety is a top priority at all BURGER KING® restaurants and the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against any violations such as the one in question.

The restaurant where this photo was allegedly taken is independently-owned and operated by a BURGER KING® franchisee. The franchisee has taken swift action to investigate this matter and terminated the employee involved in this incident.

And there you go. Swift and sure punishment for being stupid enough to stand on the people’s lettuce and post about it on 4chan. We’re having it our way.

(via HyperVocal)

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