The Most Adorable Thing You’ll Hear For a While: 4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Starcraft II [Video]

The video is almost fifteen minutes long, but that doesn’t stop it from being the most adorable almost-fifteen-minute long thing you’ll hear for a while. Said adorable video comes from NuubCast, best described from their Facebook page as “a group of gamers who love Starcraft [II], but aren’t very good at it yet,” and features one NuubCaster narrating a play session with his four-year-old daughter.

This video appears to be the second time (with this video appearing to be the first) this girl has narrated a Starcraft II video with her father, having asked her father before bath time if they could make another movie.

I really wanted to single out a couple of adorable quotes on which to end this post, but just about everything out of her mouth is pure, adorable gold, and it was pretty much impossible to do so. The gasps that accompany her genuine interest are like a box of newborn puppies transmuted into pure sound, and hearing her call Zerg Drones “shooties” is probably the cutest thing that’ll happen to your ears for a long time.

I mean, she calls Creep Tumors “poop creams,” then laughs when her dad repeats it.

(NuubCast via Kotaku)

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