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Speedrun of 4 Mario Games Performed With One Input at the Same Time [Video]


Above is a rather amazing video of someone beating Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and the Famicon Super Mario Bros. at the same time, with only one input. Paying attention to the video would reveal a few points where not all of the characters’ actions seem to match up, but there are a few theories regarding this, such as lag, or the mechanics between games, for instance, how the characters in Super Mario Bros. 2 are extremely floaty (not counting Princess Toadstool’s actual floating). Lending credit to the legitimacy of the video, however, is that these runs seem to be an actual genre, as a MetaFilter thread contains links to other such runs being performed across multiple installments in series such as Mega Man and Final Fantasy.

(via MetaFilter)

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