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Nintendo 3DS Release Date Gets a Release Date

We still don’t officially know when Nintendo’s 3DS is going to be released in North America, but now, we at least know when the 3DS’ release date is going to be released: The company announced today that it will announce the date on September 29th. They’ll also announce the handheld’s price.

We already know that the 3DS will be out in NA by the end of March 2011, and a TV appearance by the president of Nintendo America last month seemed to indicate that the 3DS would be coming in 2011. But does the September 29th announcement spell hope for a 2010 release date after all? Nintendo announced the original DS’ release date on September 20th, 2004; it was in American stores by November 21st.

Note that September 29th is a day that holds a special significance for Nintendo: September 29th, 1996 was the official North American release date of the Nintendo 64, although some retailers cheated and sold it a few days early to capitalize on consumer demand.

(via Kotaku)

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