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Nintendo Reveals 3DS Launch Price, Date

At today’s launch event in New York City, Nintendo is finally treating fans to some long-awaited details about its 3D-capable 3DS handheld system.

The 3DS will be $249.99, and it will launch on March 27 across the US.

Here’s what else we know:

*The system will launch in aqua blue and cosmo black.

*The system will come with a 2GB SD card and a charging cradle.

*The 3DS coin/pedometer reward system has been confirmed. Other preinstalled software includes a camera-powered Mii Maker, augmented reality games, an “enhanced Internet browser,” and a 3D video player app.

*Lots of classic Game Boy and GBC games will be downloadable from an e-shop.

*In the period between the 3DS’ launch in March and E3 in June, Nintendo hopes to have more than 30 games launched.

(via Kotaku, GoNintendo)

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