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Report: Apple May Be Trying To Block Sales of Steve Jobs Action Figure [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The Steve Jobs action figure has been officially cancelled. In Icons, the company responsible for the action figure, asserts they’ve done nothing wrong, but are backing down out of respect for Apple and the Jobs family. They will be refunding all preorders.

That Steve Jobs action figure is pretty cool, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to have one? Apple apparently, and it looks like they don’t want you to have one either. According to the Telegraph, the company making the doll received a little letter from Apple, threatening legal action. The argument, it seems, is that Apple feels like it owns the rights to Steve Jobs. It’s worth noting that the Telegraph’s report of the legal trouble is cautiously worded and no sources are cited, so it might not be the real deal.

That being said, if it is the real deal and you want one of these puppies, you better sign up now. They aren’t due to start shipping until February and they already command a price of $100, a price that’s only going to skyrocket if the supply ends up limited. We’ll see if anything else comes to light. The discussion of who owns the rights to Steve Jobs could be a pretty interesting one.

(Telegraph via Gizmodo)

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