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Arizona Man 3D-Printed a New Prosthetic Hand for Under $100, See It in Action

Cool, but how much for a Mega Man Buster Gun?

FOX 10 News |

Earlier this year we covered “The Cyborg Beast,” an open-source 3D-printable prosthetic hand that costs about $50. It looks like an Arizona man has taken the design (or something similar) and adapted it for his friend who lost three fingers in an accident.

In the video from Fox 10 in Phoenix, engineer Casey Barrett doesn’t expressly say he used the Cyborg Beast design, but he mentions that he used some free online 3D-printing files and the designs look similar.

Barrett build the prosthetic for his friend Howard Kamarata, who lost three fingers in an accident with an electric saw. Kamarata said he looked into prosthetics before, but wasn’t able to afford one. With 3D-printing, some hardware store parts, and a smart friend, Kamarata was able to save tens of thousands of dollars and regain some use of his hand.

See everyone? Science, technology, and friendship go great together.

Barrett and Kamarata are now working with the RecFX Foundation to raise money for others who may need prosthetics.

(via Yahoo! News, image via Fox 10 Phoenix)

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