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Barilla Is Making 3D-Printed Pasta, Because Apparently They Think That’s Cooler Than Not Being Homophobic

"Just don't give any to your gay friends!" - Barilla, probably. [citation needed]


Remember Barilla? You know, the pasta company that refuses to use same-sex couples in their advertising and said that “gays can eat another brand of pasta?” Well, the very same people have decided that it would be a brilliant PR move to deflect from their homophobia by starting to make 3D-printed pasta. Foolproof!

Even though 3D-printed pasta is kind of a cool idea, we also have trouble getting past their discrimination. And over at our sister site The Braiser, they couldn’t help but notice this little gem in Barilla Project Leader Kjeld van Bommel’s statement about the new tech as quoted in The Guardian:

Kjeld van Bommel, project leader at TNO [a Dutch scientific organization], said one of the potential applications of the technology could be to enable customers to present restaurants with their pasta shape desires stored on a USB stick.

“Suppose it’s your 25th wedding anniversary,” Van Bommel was quoted as telling the Dutch newspaper Trouw. “You go out for dinner and surprise your wife [emphasis our own] with pasta in the shape of a rose.”

Seriously, who is running their PR machine? What a disaster.

So hey, instead of buying Barilla’s 3D-printed pasta, might we suggest trying these 3D-printed pizzas instead? They’re fun for the whole family – any family.

(via The Braiser, image via Michele Ficara Manganelli)

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