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The Severed Child's Hand iPhone Case

Sometimes (read: most of the time), Japan is weird. This time, Japan is weird because they now have a product that aims to mimic a severed child’s hand strapped to an iPhone 4, for only $64! At least it’ll go well with the umbilical cord phone charger, right? As Nerd Approved points out, even the very product page for the Dokkiri Hand Case finds the product weird, putting the case’s description under the subheading of “Why??”

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Why would you want a hand on your iPhone 4, right? Well, believe it or not, this Hand iPhone 4 case could actually come in “handy”. As shown on the picture on the right, you could hold hands with your iPhone to make sure you don’t drop it. Or if you are feeling really lonely, this case may reach out to you and give you company. Okay, I am done. This case is crazy. This case is creepy.

They also make a Lady’s Hand Case, because why not, I guess. Read on below to check out the lady hand.

Full disclosure: The Lady’s Hand Case is modeled after the hand of the company’s COO’s wife. Yeah.

(Strapya World via Nerd Approved)

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