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Things We Saw Today: Someone Please 3D Print Me This Naughty Untitled Goose Game Goose

In a screenshot from Untitled Goose Game, an animated goose honks at a young boy in an outdoor shop.

I’ve talked at length about how fun and freeing it is to tamely torment villagers as a naughty goose in House House’s recently released Untitled Goose Game. Now, thanks to Thingiverse user gynni, if you have a 3D printer at your disposal, you can create your very own troublesome goose.

The basic design of the goose is great but the real beauty is the suggestion to add a strong magnet under the beak. Because what would the goose game be without the ability to steal everything it comes across?

Who wouldn’t want a knife-wielding goose in their home?

Actually, I really would use this to keep my keys from getting lost.

A 3d printed goose holds keys in its beak.

Images: Gynni via Thingiverse

Someone please print me this goose! (via Polygon)

  • In yet another devastating hit to progressive online journalism, Splinter has abruptly shuttered just six months after being acquired by private equity firm Great Hill Partners. (via AdWeek)
  • Aaron Paul recapped all of Breaking Bad in two minutes. (via TV Guide)
  • Speaking of Aaron Paul, here’s the trailer for Truth Be Told, which stars him as a man convicted of murder and Octavia Spencer as the true crime podcaster and journalist who helped put him away but now, 18 years later, has some doubts. That checks so many boxes for me. (via Vulture)
  • Do not watch Mr. Rogers talk about his legacy without tissues nearby.

  • Is Elizabeth Warren considering Andrew Gillum as a possible running mate? Maybe! (via Daily Beast)
  • Supernatural’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki got tattoos together. (via EW)
  • Drew Barrymore is getting a daytime talk show! (via TV Line)
  • Breaking down #BoycottBlizzard. (via Pajiba)
  • If you had plans tonight, cancel them! Schitt’s Creek season 5 just dropped on Netflix. (via Daily Dot)

(image: House House/Panic Inc)

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