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Teen Drinks Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail, Has Stomach Removed

The more you do just about anything, the bigger a tolerance you build up. Whether that’s watching way too much television and eventually only being able to stand a higher quality of programming, playing too many JRPGs and not being able to deal with fate, destiny, and a very large amount of grind anymore, or drinking alcohol and requiring not only more of it to get drunk, but a new variety of it to keep from getting bored. English teen Gabby Scanlon succumbed to the latter, and drank a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. She was, as one might’ve expected, rushed to the hospital afterward and had her stomach removed. Her entire stomach.

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Normally, in relation to drinks, liquid nitrogen is used to give the glass a unique visual aesthetic, or to cool the drink.

Scanlon, out celebrating her 18th birthday, was with friends at a wine bar, where she supposedly tried a new cocktail that contained liquid nitrogen. She reportedly had issues breathing and experienced a sharp pain her stomach after she drank the cocktail. It isn’t clear whether Scanlon drank a drink that featured liquid nitrogen as a unique ingredient, or if the liquid nitrogen was used in some gimmicky manner and simply mishandled. She was taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a pierced stomach.

When liquid nitrogen hits the stomach, it quickly warms, which creates a large amount of air, which can in turn rupture the stomach. This is, unfortunately, what Scanlon experienced.

Terrifyingly, doctors felt her stomach could not be saved, and performed a total gastrectomy, removing her entire stomach. Even more terrifyingly, the procedure involves removing the stomach, then connecting the esophagus tube to the small bowel tube. Somehow, this isn’t too life-altering, as people who have had the surgery simply need to eat smaller amounts and take vitamin supplements.

(via BBC News)

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