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Artist Draws Over 300 Game of Thrones Characters

You know nothing Jon Snow

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Artist Txe has done 307 (and counting) A Song of Ice and Fire portraits. That’s right. 307. Some characters have gotten multiple illustrations, but the guy’s still given visual form to around 300 individual characters, from the major players—Starks, Lannisters, etc.—to the more obscure (Mark Mullendore? Didn’t remember him; had to look it up). A few of my favorites are behind the cut; to mix things up a bit, I’ve alternated your Daeneryses, your Aryas, and your Jaimes with people like Rhaenys Targaryen, Edric Storm (poor Edric, not in the show), and Maege Mormont. (For those of you who don’t know Maege, she is a lady warrior. She’s also the absolute best.) Check out the artist’s whole series on Facebook.

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