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AsapSCIENCE Explores the Many Faces of 200 Calories [Video]

What does 200 calories of breakfast sandwich look like? Don't ask -- it's going to leave you disappointed and hungry.

With summer entering full swing, I doubt I’m alone in working to shed a couple of pounds before my first trip to the beach this year. If you’re also aiming to drop some excess baggage from a winter and spring full of good meals and perhaps a little less physical activity than is advisable, chances are you, too, are taking time lately to count your calories. As always, the reliable hands at AsapSCIENCE are here to help — this time with a convenient video reminder that all calories are not created equal, and that they can take you by surprise sometimes. OK, fine —  a lot of the time.

The helpful animators also remind everyone trying to reclaim their beach body that while counting calories is an important thing, it’s not the only thing, and that generally speaking, the best things for a diet are eating the things you know you should be eating — apples and broccoli — and not eating the things you know you shouldn’t be — like Big Macs and pizza. Easier said than done, of course, but a friendly reminder — with a side of science — never hurt anyone.
(via AsapSCIENCE)

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