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10 Superhero Posters We’d Totally Hang On Our Walls

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Minimalist posters are all the rage these days and I have to admit, while some may not be outstanding, I’ve yet to meet one I didn’t like. There’s just something about their simplistic designs that tug at that design center of my brain. Artist Andres Romero, aka blo0p on DeviantArt, spent some time working on our favorite superheroes and villains and they are now suitable to be hung up on your wall like rock stars, actors, kittens, etc. He’s done a huge selection of 43 characters so far, here are 10 of our favorites. 

Also check out Romero’s tumblr. Unfortunately, so far, it seems as though they aren’t available as prints. So I guess you can only hang them on your virtual walls.

(via imgur)

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