10 Great Apps to Make Your PC Better and Faster

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Between your emails, your favorite games, and about 10,000 photos of your cat, your entire life is on your computer. So why not make sure it’s running at its best, and doing ever more for you every day? Get the Ultimate PC Bundle for 91% off at the Mary Sue Shop.

Grab the bundle and you’ll get 10 amazing apps, including:

  • Scrivener, the award-winning writing app used by pro novelists, screenplay writers, and more.
  • Scapple, the intuitive mind-mapping software that’ll help you up your game at work.
  • CCleaner Pro, the top-rated way to clean out the clutter and keep your computer running like new.
  • PhraseExpander, a time-saving tool that autocompletes words and phrases as you type and lets you create templates for emails you send often.
  • Softorino YouTube Converter, the easiest way to import online videos into iTunes for offline listening and watching.

… and plenty more, including anti-virus software, 3D digital canvassing tools, and monitoring software. Get all 10 for 91% off at the Mary Sue Shop!

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