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10 Movies That Should Be In Theaters All The Time

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Every once in a while, popular films are re-released into theaters. Sometimes it’s with improved effects, etc. but sometimes it’s just because people love them so much. This past year we saw Disney’s The Lion King back in theaters in 3D and the original Back to the Future. Next year will find the Star Wars trilogy back in theaters (again) with their 3D version. When movies like these are brought back to the big screen, they almost always prove extremely popular, not to mention profitable. So that begs the question – why do they ever leave?

The movie theater business isn’t an easy one. Most of their money is made through popcorn, candy and soda sales with a percentage of ticket sales going to the studios depending on how long the film is out. Special screenings, depending on who’s running them, have a different cost strategy but pretty much, if people will keep coming to see it (and buying concessions) it stands to reason they’ll make money. Here are ten films that I think deserve to perpetually show on the big screen. Granted, I don’t know everything about what a financial model for something like this would be and I’m not saying they have to show every day, but theaters are guaranteed to have at least one butt in their seats for these. Namely, mine.

Star Wars: George Lucas’ epic has been in theaters so many times already I honestly don’t know why he ever takes it out. Just think, he could give theaters a new reel each week with the constant changes/upgrades he makes to them. But regardless, the original Star Wars trilogy is like a geek bible on screen, people worship it. If it was consistently in theaters, people would consistently go see it.

Lord of the Rings: I sat through all three of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings adaptations when they were released. Then I went to see the extended editions as they were released separately. I also sat through the extended editions of Fellowship and Two Towers before watching Return of the King all in one day. Then I sat at home and watched all three extended editions on my TV. I plan on watching them all after I see both halves of The Hobbit. See what I’m getting at? Even though Jackson’s epics are well, epically long, I’d still go out to see them a lot of they were playing in theaters all the time.

A Disney Animation Round-Robin: When we posted about Disney re-releasing four more of their animated classics into theaters over the next two years, the first thing out of peoples mouths were – “What about Aladdin!” “Fantasia!” “Mulan!” These weren’t titles on the list Disney released but it goes to show you people would pay money to see them again on the big screen. We all have our Disney animated favorites (mine is a tie between Sleeping Beauty and Alice In Wonderland) so instead of leaving one of the classics in theaters continually, why not switch them up every week? Tons of adults are obsessed with Disney so there’s that but also, parents are always looking for ways to entertain their kids and taking them to movies you already know are great are a safe bet.

The Fifth Element: Ok, I may be slightly biased in my decision on this one. I’m new here so you may not know that I’m a Fifth Element fanatic. Seriously. I can speak the Divine Language and I have Leeloo’s tattoo. Something about Luc Besson’s wacky sci-fi-action-comedy just resonated with me but here’s the thing – I never actually got to see it in theaters! I saw it later on when it was on HBO or one of those other cable channels and was instantly in love. I’d kill to see it on the big screen. The Fifth Element is one of those cult classics that gives you instant kinship with someone when you learn they love it too. I have a feeling it would have a good showing. Ok so maybe this one wouldn’t be the biggest money maker but maybe it could be part of a round robin with other sci-fi classics.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Even though Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is my favorite in the trilogy (yes, I said trilogy), I know that Raiders has a much bigger fan base and enough people dislike Temple of Doom to not warrant showing all three all the time. I’m just in it for Sallah and the monkey.

Psycho: I wanted to put an older movie on the list because those are the films that have really stood the test of time but geez, there’s so many to choose from. You may not be a fan of older classics at all but to me, Psycho will never get old. I like a lot of Alfred Hitchcock’s films but everything in that movie works together so well. Even though I know who the killer is, the suspense is there for me every time thanks to the music, cinematography, etc. And how cool is it to be able to show it to someone for the first time who doesn’t have a clue? There are theaters out there already who show the old classics through the year, which is awesome, but I think Psycho deserves a permanent spot somewhere.

Back to the Future: As I mentioned earlier, BTTF was already released for its 25th anniversary this past year. It was such a fantastic event that my whole family was able to go enjoy. Like the Indiana Jones films, my favorite is not the first and even fans of the series usually hate on BTTF3 but the original will always interest viewers. And even thought it was in BTTF2, the fact that people paid tens of thousands of dollars for replica power-lacing Nike’s that didn’t even power-lace last month proves there’s money to be made by a constant showing.

Pulp Fiction: Some people don’t care for Quentin Tarantino but much like Star Wars fans, Tarantino fans are in a league of their own. I can see showings of Pulp Fiction turning into something like the Rocky Horror Picture Show where viewers get up and act out the memorable scenes (which are pretty much all of them). I am so ready to don a black bob and do the twist, it’s not even funny.

Harry Potter: ALL EIGHT MOVIES, ALL THE TIME! That is all.

A Christmas Story: Don’t judge me. For a while now, A Christmas Story has aired for 24-hours straight over Christmas. And I leave it on the entire time. Maybe it would lose its charm if it aired throughout the year but somehow I don’t think so. It’s one of those comedies that makes me actually laugh out loud each time I watch it. “BUMPUSES!!”

So, that’s my list. Which films do you think deserve or warrant being in theaters year after year?

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