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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

What It Says On the Tin

You Know You Want to Watch a Wonder Woman vs Sailor Moon Dance-Off [VIDEO]

An unlikely pair took the stage for the Vogue Femme Final Battle at the 2013 Streetstar dance festival. Whose dancing reigns supreme? Watch to the end to find out. My muscles ache just watching how those dancers throw themselves on the ground like that.

(via: Tumblr)

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  • Emily Hill


  • Charlie

    amazing! I always think black ladies look better in Wonder Woman’s colours.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god. You did it. You found the mythical best video on the internet ever.

  • Anonymous

    That was way more epic than any comic crossover could ever be.

  • Kim Krzebiot

    Totally think Sailor Moon should’ve won.

  • alk

    WTF did I just watch? I’m impressed and confused here!

  • brilance

    What’s the name of this style of dancing?

  • Anonymous

    Vogue Fem (or Femme).

  • Meg

    Wonder Woman’s death drops were SICK. Sailor Moon had more fluidity but her drops were kind of weak sometimes and for the most part WW had crisper and cleaner movements and I think her floor work was better. But giirrrrl, Sailor Moon gets mad props for not only doing it all in heels but sneaking pretty much every single Sailor Moon pose into her voguing

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Comic Book Candy

    On what planet did this epic dance battle take place? I want to go to there.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on. Except, I would give Sailor Moon a little more credit for her drops because I was impressed by the variety of her transitions into those drops (but you’re correct when you say that those drops were kinda weak). Wonder Woman dropped with complete abandon and disregard for her own safety. When you actually jump into the air to perform a drop you are in it to win it. Not to mention she busted out a 3 drop combo chain.

  • Anonymous

    This is EXACTLY how Superheroes should battle! I hope Joss Whedon & Max Landis are watching.

  • aggieagatha

    this is intense!

  • Ashe





  • TJay229

    This is soo late and tired.


  • Anonymous

    So…Wonder WOMAN is a Black Dude? WOW! And what I LOVE about this site, no one thought or cared to say that out loud. Go figure it would take a black dude to say something. Much LUV ladies!