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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

The Only Place You’ll See Wonder Woman Kill Nazis Any Time Soon is This Fan Film Right Here

Look, we’re in a state of necessarily extended enthusiasm about the CW’s Wonder Woman pilot, but we’re not fools. We’re not going to look a gift fan-video-of-Wonder-Woman-killing-the-heck-out-of-some-Nazis in the mouth. Even if I wish she’d gotten slightly longer shorts.

(via io9, and also everywhere else.)


  • Dara Crawley

    That was absolutely awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the WW pilot was pretty good actually. I was sad to see it not picked up. I’d love to see this get made. That green band is pretty misleading though and possibly illegal, claiming that the MPAA approved it.

  • Becca Hoekstra

    LOVIN’ those super-practical ass-kickin’ boots.

  • Jason Thinh

    Pretty entertaining, but I was wondering how the hell the nazis managed to even bind WW. Side note: Is there some kind of internet rule where everything that’s fan made needs over the top awful orchestral shit and then electronic music? Bahhhh, nevermind. Nothing makes me happy. Just let Marvel buy the rights.

  • The Gaf

    Looks like the clean trailer for an XXX parody. But I liked her shoes.

  • electrasteph

    Must find those boots. Must own.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Love the boots, love the ass kicking…!

    Hell, Wonder Woman started off kicking Nazi ass, so why not give her a show that starts from there?!

    Great trailer, but yeah, a bit longer shorts, and I would have loved to have seen some super strength and invulnerability moments, but I can understand as it is a fan production. And I do wonder, as Jason wondered, how the Nazis were able to bind her… maybe they got some magical stuff from Aries as he could be their sponsor for making as much war as possible…?

    Ohhhhh… that’s a great idea!

    Good work, overall!

  • Rain Mist

    That…was a decent WW. Although, if we’re setting the scene for the ’40′s, the costume should be more aligned with that period, or to WW’s roots…not some horrible 1990′s short-shorts and tube-top anachronism. Also, it would not kill WW to have some arm muscle. Deflecting bullets with noodle arms is rather less believable. And it would be great for the feminine role-model to not be waifer thin.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    “We got a good thing! Let’s complain!” A true comic book slash Internet fan.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    She got tied up in practically every issue of the original run, so why not?

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    There isn’t one scene in that entire pilot that wasn’t a good reason not to air it.

  • Joanna

    Holy shit! Someone make this a real thing!

  • Joanna

    I agree she could do with a few push ups. It’s like seeing Batman without washboard abs =P

  • Dessa Brewington

    Why did she have trouble lifting that minigun? Seems like it’d be trivial for her.

  • Anonymous

    WW is way to thin. Where’s the curves? The casting was all wrong for her. But it was a cool trailer. Fun to watch, but would be disappointing to see a full length feature–all that effort and money only to annoy fans. Me = Fickle. (insert grumpy cat here)

  • Life Lessons

    LOVE IT! Can I see this movie now please?

  • Anonymous

    Looked like she was beating up mostly, Wermacht — you don’t know if they were Nazis or not.

  • Rain Mist

    Try “We’ve been handed crappy examples of this icon for strong women for decades by writers, producers, and directors (mostly male), who act like they’ve done women a huge favor even to feature a female hero, and don’t understand how we could possibly want more. Then they shake their heads and complain that we’re not grateful enough at having been tossed a pathetic bone in a bustier when what we want is an Amazon made out of pure consolidated ass-kickery and hardened steel. Let’s not settle just because something is closer, but still not there!”

    In other news, I would still love to see a Gina Torres Wonder Woman. My goodness, the thought makes me happy!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    You never even consider in your argument that maybe it was created by someone that loves the character, hence taking the time and using personal savings to finance the movie? Or that they thought she was a good actress? And you scoff at how absurd it is that she isn’t very well muscled, but suggest that they change the character’s race despite how little sense it makes for a Greek Amazon to be black. Are you suggesting that it’s less important how the character looks than how she acts? Because I sure don’t mind if you make my argument for me.

  • Rain Mist

    OK, let’s deal with the appearance first:
    Race: Themyscira’s exact geographic location has shifted across the various reboots, but if it IS in the Mediterranean, it’s accessible by African races. For that matter, if we’re going with the Amazons as an enslaved foreign race of women, we could reasonably expect that they wouldn’t be originally Greek. Even if they were, if their offspring are fathered by passing sailors, those passing sailors could be just about any ethnicity. If they’re created from clay, there’s nothing that says the clay can’t be any color out there. If they’re reincarnated from past female warriors or spontaneously generated by the gods, again, any color should fly. And if they’re cloned only from their mothers’ DNA, then Hippolyta cannot be blonde.

    Physique: Regardless of where their genetic make-up originates, they’re a race of warrior women who compete hand-to-hand with men in battle and win, by dint of physical prowess. And they practice their skills constantly. It’s not feasible that the build of athletic warriors would not be athletic, or that their top warrior wouldn’t at least rival Lucy Lawless in her Xena days. And it’s not too much to expect that an actress would be requested to build a bit in anticipation (and yet ) Heck, every Superman in the past 40 years has been expected to put on some muscle, and Supes doesn’t even get his strength from being muscular.

    But as to this film: You’re right, I’m setting the bar high for a fan video, not because it doesn’t far outdo what we’d expect from a fan effort, but because it outdoes recent efforts from actual studios. My goodness, this Diana actually kicks some ass! But this actress probably has a day job, and probably can’t spend her free time building some muscle (although I’m a nerd with a desk job and I have guns. It ain’t that hard). This video has received some attention. Enough that it may even inform some clueless execs as to what WW SHOULD be. I’m just hoping that they’ll improve a few areas when it happens. This is a better WW than we’ve seen outside of animation…but the bar is higher still.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Okay, I’m totally on your side. And the possible explanations for a black psuedo-Greek Wonder Woman are actually brilliantly door-opening, so kudos. If the Amazon were actually taking children from various sources or if she were made of clay (that, as you said, isn’t necessarily Greek skin color clay) is also brilliant. We’re on the same page now. And I like both explanations so much that I apologize for being catty. Your reasoning makes sense and I appreciate that you acknowledge that this is the best representation SO FAR…even though it’s not everything it could be. Acknowledged. I agree.

  • mary

    The gun thing…not entirely sure Diana has ever, or would ever, use a gun. She prefers relying on her own strength, and as an Aamzon was not trained in gun battle. Part of the reason Batman’s so attracted to her.