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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

There And Back Again

Watch This Woman As She Finds Out Gandalf Is Not, In Fact, Dead

I know some people won’t be able to comprehend how anyone could avoid spoilers for The Lord of the Rings. You know, considering the book has been around since the 1950s and the Peter Jackson films were about as wide-spread as you can get in the way of exposure. But look, some folks just don’t discuss LOTR over second breakfast, ok? In any case, this woman’s roommate knew she had know idea what was about to unfold in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, so the experience was documented and posted online for us to enjoy.

(via Buzzfeed)

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  • Bill Hedrick

    Love the pure Geek joy!

  • Brooke Michelle

    Love this, she’s adorable in her joy.

  • Captain ZADL

    I honestly wish I could experience things that purely again. But I’m a bitter shriveled husk of a man now…..

    I’m so glad that there are people who aren’t like me in the world.

  • CommentsSectionsAreDumb

    Me too.

    Aahaaa, I tease.

  • LifeLessons

    AMEN SISTER!!!!! I felt the same way. :) I think a lot of us did.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of Fellowship, I told my friend, “I’m SO SAD Gandalf’s gone.” And she gave me a Look.

  • Charlie

    My god how does someone avoid reading Lord of the Rings their entire life…

  • Aeryl

    I was unspoiled for that moment as well. I skipped out on reading the books when I heard they were gonna make a movie, because I didn’t want to nitpick the movie to death.

  • Aeryl

    After shepherding a friend of mine through watching all of Dollhouse, unspoiled, I learned I have a sadistic need to observe people watching stuff unspoiled. It’s quite fun.

  • Anonymous

    A bunch of friends went to see The Faculty in the theaters (yes, I Am Old. Moving on…) We were all talking about how good it was, how it compared to other body-snatcher movies, etc.
    But it was my little sister’s FIRST body snatcher movie. So she was blown away by each plot twist, and came bounding out of the film, marveling at how AWESOME it was.
    It’s been SO so long since I’ve been able to like something new, as opposed to filtered through all the other things I’ve seen.

  • Willow

    by getting about 50 pages in and going… is he ever going to get to anything interesting? and then stopping reading

  • Mina

    In all fairness, the first half of Fellowship (and the first half of The Hobbit) is pretty tedious. I mean, Tom Bombadil is cool and all, but I personally had some boredom difficulties during that first half. It was only through sheer determination that I made it to Rivendell, which is where it got good for me.

  • Charlie

    I obviously wasn’t factoring for tiny attention spans. I read LOTR when I was 9. I feel kind of embarrassed for you.

  • Willow

    Interestingly, I can appreciate that different people have different tastes in literature without being a dick about it… I feel kind of embarrassed for you.

  • Charlie

    I’d answer but I’d be worried it would be too much text for you to read :(

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    There’s, like, 3 chapters about effing trees. Kiss my ass, trees.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    This reminded me so much of Crying Wife, so I looked it up and there hasn’t been a new one in years. :( Too bad.

  • Miss Cephalopod

    There’s nothing like watching “2001: A Space Odyssey” with somebody who has no idea what’s in store for them. Their faces once the credits start are *priceless*.

  • The Crafty Angel

    Awesome :) Some of us are rather OCD about spoilers. I bawled during “the big thing at the end” of Half-blood Prince (I do not read books before I see the movie. see thing about OCD). I know it means isolating myself from the media for awhile, but it’s worth the payoff. I’ve had 2 movies ruined by spoilers (The Killing Game, Sixth Sense) so I really have honed my skill since then lol.

  • Anonymous

    Its not a matter of “too much text”, is a matter of being too much DRY text, and an odd writing-style and stilted dialogue that does not suit everyone. I read “The Hobbit”, and got through it okay. I read “FOTR” and it was a tough slog. I got 50 pages into “The Two Towers” and gave up.

    Furthermore, it all depends on what sort of stuff people read. I can handle dry text because I’m a reference-book guy. But not everyone is, and not everyone can.

    So, why don’t you take your self-righteous condescension elsewhere? Or better yet, grow up and realize that your tastes do not set the standard for everyone.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Being condescending isn’t helping your point.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Ditto. I got through the trilogy, but the writing style isn’t my cup of tea. WHY AM I READING SO MANY SONG LYRICS?!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Hey, Charlie, TMS mod here. You’re skating close to a banning by talking to other commenters like that. This is your only warning.

    FYI, I’ve never read LOTR.

  • Charlie

    Apologies. I am having a rather bad day.

  • Charlie

    Again apologies. I only get annoyed because I feel like people are missing out by skipping it.

    The work Tolkien did for his children is very charming and in the tone of Tom Bombadil. I grew up with those stories and books which I guess made that part of the book more relatable to me than to others.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Apology accepted. We all have our bad days. :)

  • Charlie

    And a direct apology to Willow too if that didn’t come across.

  • Aeryl

    And having seen the movie first, I spent the entire Tom Bombadil section wanting them to just get to Stryder already!

  • Aeryl

    If I hadn’t watched the movies first, I probably never would have been able to finish it.

  • Willow

    No problem. I know the feeling. :) Hope your day improves.

    (Besides, I know I have weird taste in books. I read almost exclusively non-fiction these days. Currently recommending Conquering Gotham – it’s about the building of Penn Station – apropos to the current kerfuffle over Madison Square Garden. And I thought LOTR was too dry. Go figure.)

  • Anonymous

    Homegirl, if you’re going to watch a movie, especially something like TLOTR, you need to WATCH the movie. Turn down the lights and put that goddamned laptop away!! It pains me to see people watch films this way.

  • Sabrina

    She was live-blogging/tweeting her reactions to her friends. lol

  • Stephanie Eversole Vandenburg

    And (change of fandom) that’s why the Doctor has a companion, I believe. Because he wants to see their expressions and be able to enjoy their pure fascination and excitement, which he can no longer obtain.

  • Saronai Aldarion

    I’m so glad people miss spoilers like this and have loved ones who will film them reacting. I absolutely love watching unspoiled reactions to moments like this in stories/movies I follow <3

  • ryan

    Hah! Yeah it can be a bit tough but the pay off is great.

  • Anonymous

    Aw freaking Tom Bombadil, I hated that guy. I just about cheered when he was cut from the movie.

  • Mark Brown


    I’ve recently had to explain “Star Wars” to someone. I don’t mean the plot, I mean I had to explain that it’s a movie that exists.

    Some people do live under rocks.

  • kc jives


  • Anna Sophia May

    beautiful. I’m looking forward to my mum’s reaction ( she’s only seen Fellowship) when we get to this bit.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I thought she was watching the movie ON her laptop.

  • Mark Boyes

    And then she thinks,”Hang on, so he’s the new white wizard but the old white wizard is still around because they never made Saruman many-coloured, so this is like Buffy and Faith or…”

  • Anonymous

    well.. this spoiled a lot for me… fun to watch though