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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Meddling Kids

Woman Goes Into Labor During Bar Exam, Finishes Exam, Then Goes to Hospital

An unnamed Northwestern Law student (as of this writing) was taking the bar exam recently. Not that unusual. Well, she was pregnant. Still, not that unusual. Well — she was really pregnant. As in, “so pregnant she was about to become not-pregnant-anymore.” After starting the exam, she went into labor. Did this stop her? Did she say, “I’ll just go have this baby and maybe retake this exam at a later date”? Nope. She finished the exam, then went over to Prentice Women’s Hospital and gave birth about two hours later. That’s what you might call “a trooper,” if you were really into vast understatements.

While I cannot personally speak to the experience of labor and delivery, I do know one thing: it’s, at the very least, distracting when you’re trying to do other things. Distracting and extremely painful. But not distracting or painful enough for this woman, who warned proctors before the exam of her condition, joked with her friends about giving birth during the exam, and then went into full-on labor just like she thought she could. So she did what anyone would do in this situation: she finished the exam an hour early so she could, you know, have that baby that was trying to come out.

At 4:00 pm, she left the exam, checked herself into the hospital, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy via Cesarean section at 5:58 pm.

That’s not all.

This woman is a prime candidate to take over the world. She is a top-ranked student in the accelerated JD program, which allowed her to finish her degree in two years instead of three. Also:

While in law school, [she] was on the law review board, worked in [Northwestern] Law’s prestigious Supreme Court clinic, and served as a director in the Young Lawyers’ Section of the Chicago Bar. She has not one but two federal judicial clerkships lined up, one circuit court and one district court, both with excellent judges.

For her next trick, she will run for district attorney while pregnant with twins, help another woman give birth to triplets during the debate, and then stop a rogue missile from destroying Chicago with her bare hands. (While holding the twins, which were born during a campaign stop at a bowling alley, during which she also scored a 7-10 split.)

Congratulations to the new amazing mom. We’d wish her success, but it already seems extremely destined to happen.

(Above the Law via Daily Mail)


  • Anonymous

    fucking hell, that’s hardcore.

  • Arakiba


  • Anonymous

    Way to go New Mom!  This is because women are tough.  I went into labor with my second (and final) child during a job interview, but this woman really took it to a new level.  (BTW – While I did not get that job, the same company hired me a year later for a better position.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised she didn’t perform the Cesarean herself.

  • Karmen Franklin

    I could see it happening. The week before I gave birth, I felt an overwhelming urge to tie up loose ends, and get things done before I ran out of time. When I went into labor, I figured it was sort of like bad gas pains, and kept on going. I cleaned the house, waited for my husband to wake up (he was working nights) and said, “we should probably go now.” My son was born at the hospital two hours later. No Cesarean, no epidural, just went right to it. A geek girl’s just gotta get stuff done!

    Now, if this woman’s child turns out anything like mine, she’s going to need that tenacity… kids come out as smart as their parents, if not smarter!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. I think she sounds too reckless to be an attorney. Better have Andrew Sullivan investigate.

  • Ashley Sue

    Gosh, well, she just blew my, “I was vomiting from food poisoning and still took my calculus final” story out of the water.

  • MickieMousseau

    Just try to tell me that men are tougher then women.

  • Alexa Manuel

    Someone in my town did that too, she was a nursing student…. She went into labour during her exam at 4pm and finished with an 84% and then had her baby at about 730. It was amazing news lol but its even better that its happened again!

  • Chemise Rogers

    Wow…That woman is way too awesome.