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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

Buffy’s Willow & Oz Reunite on the Set of How I Met Your Mother

My heart is practically jumping out of my chest looking at this. Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green, the ever-adorable Willow/Oz on the show, will share screen time once more on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. Today, we’ve got picture proof. Green posted the top pic here saying he was spending the day with his “favorite costar,” while Hannigan tweeted, “I’m in the makeup chair again and next to me is @SethGreen !!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Reunited and it feels so good!!!!” Her shot after the jump! 

Am I the only one sad their hair doesn’t match anymore? Keep an eye on their accounts, we may see more throughout the day!

(via Seth Green & Alyson Hannigan)

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  • SocialMediaNerd

    hah. they both still look like they’re in high school.

  • Sefa

    That must be for a college scene when Willow—I mean, Lily!—was all goth and alternative. Seth might appear in a present-day scene, too, with Alyson’s red hair still in full force, too!

  • The Lamb

    To be fair, Oz’s hair rarely was red during BtVS.

  • Anonymous

    I was always so disappointed that Lily’s old boyfriend Scooter wasn’t played by Seth Green on HIMYM – it felt like such a missed opportunity!!
    I hereby forgive them.

  • spottenwren

    If you had told me that these photos had been taken 10-15 years ago on the Buffy, set, I probably would have believed you.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he plays her old high school/college boyfriend!