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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Why Wonder Woman Should Carry a Scrunchie Around

Kevin Warren drew this as an illustration of some tweets by comics journalist Chris Sims, which you can read here. Because a female fighter pointedly putting her hair up should have the same cinematic caché as a scientist pointedly taking his glasses off. It’s the opposite of the Samurai Jack effect, where when his hair came out of his ponytail, you know that shit just got real.

(via David Willis on Tumblr.)

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  • Adrian Martinez


  • Katie Massiah

    Yesssssss. It always bugs me on shows when badass ladies have their hair down while fighting or whatever. Hello peripheral vision!

  • Matt Graham

    I will note this as I work on my current projects. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Any relation to Jane Rizzoli’s “Ponytail of Righteous Fury TM”?

  • Christopher LaHaise

    Okay, this amused me to no end, and I like it. And yes, it IS the opposite of the Samurai Jack effect. :D

  • Erin Treat

    Yes! Spot on!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget the Vaseline on the face . . .

  • OdinsEye

    “Yeah no shit Lana there’s this new thing called SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!”

  • Calum Syers

    Batman’s expression and comment is priceless.

  • Moxie Six

    THIS! It’s always irked when a woman fights on a show and they have their hair down and jewelry swinging. Every time I witnessed a fight with two girls when I was a kid, the first thing the girls did were to strip of their earrings and put their hair in a ponytail.

    Shoot. I even put my hair back every time I’m about to work on a project. I don’t need it in my eyes when I’m trying to concentrate.

  • Moxie Six

    Oh! I had forgotten about that. Yes! Girls did that in my middle school to help prevent being clawed in the face.

  • Anonymous

    I get that it’s a great idea not to get hair in your eyes when fighting, but I feel that Wonder Woman would be beyond this concern. Surely she would’ve been trained since adolescene to fight in a variety of handicapped circumstances so that she she could learn that all fights won’t be fair. Her enemies certainly aren’t going to lose an advantage by allowing her to clear her peripheral vision unless it’s to take a cheap shot at her while she’s working the scrunchie. By her age, fighting with hair in her eyes should be second nature to Diana. This joke seems more appropriate for a superheroine who hasn’t been raised in warrior culture or has compensatory superpowers.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Unless its about Vikings or Celts. No scrunchies back then. Perhaps Diana needs an helmet?

  • Matt Graham

    I’m a fan of both, and have been wanting to draw Nemhain for a while. Maybe a waterfall or fishtail braid with circlet? Or a braided crown? I like the cascade, too. I think that’s the one. This one:

    Drawing hair is the coolest part of the process.

  • Matt Graham

    I always liked Diana’s ponytail in Kingdom Come during the last act. It suited her.

  • Laura Truxillo

    My hair’s been longer-than-shoulder-length for a few decades (it’s past my waist now), and it drives me CRAZY that we see martial artist characters with their locks flowing in the wind. I can’t imagine sparring without my hair pulled back. Forget peripheral vision, it gets in your mouth, literally in your eyes, and it’s way easier to catch on things or get pulled painfully (a braid or ponytail makes an unfortunate “handle,” but it’s easier to regain control of that than of someone with a loose fistful of your hair).

    That said…eh, it looks cool?

  • Marina

    I think she should shrink down her lasso and use it as a hair tie!

    I also like the versions where she braids her hair.

  • Omar Kooheji

    I saw a fight erupt on a bus once, one of the guys took his (False) teeth out before launching himself at the other guy.

    Now that is hardcore.

  • Adrienne Reynolds

    women have always had something your could wrap around your wrist or wear around your neck to tie back hair usually a leather tie of some sort – but mostly scarves to keep hair that was already secured back from getting mussed or having stuff catch in it. Seriously – other than the Edo period in japan, I cannot think of a culture before haircuts were a regular thing that didn’t have a reason for women’s hair to be loose and down. there were always at least hairbands.

  • Adrienne Reynolds

    OMIGOSH best superpower ever!

  • Adrienne Reynolds

    Also she doesn’t have to put it in her mouth – I have River Song /Neil Gaiman crazy hair and I keep it on my wrist I’ve got it set up where I can slide it off my wrist when I gather my hair to pull it back – one flowing warrior ponytail kata. Real fighers would leave their core open that long : ) (I am not a real fighter)

  • Anonymous

    When I could still ride the bus,(I’m disabled, and I need a cane or walker) I saw that, and a knife fight break out. It turned out these two were from two different street gangs, and they spotted each other on the one gangs’ bus/turf… After that, I quit riding the bus.

  • Matt Graham

    Thanks for the information. I never thought to study that specifically, but now I want to know more.

  • Rachael Davis

    Someone totally needs to make a t-shirt of this!

  • Karen Sch

    are you suggesting a serious fighter would handicap him/herself just to look cuter?

    I can tell you don’t have long hair (I do) or you’d never say something so ridiculous. I like having it and I have to put it up any time I do cooking, play sports, go out when it’s windy, even sit down and read… Just because she CAN fight with her hair down doesn’t mean she’d PREFER to do so, or even not care one way or the other. Nobody who’s ever had the wind flick hair into their eye would ever say it’s not a stupid, painful way to lose advantage in a fight.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying she’d handicap herself to look cuter. I’m saying it’s not problematic for Wonder Woman because in the 70 odd years she’s been around in mulimedia & multiverses it hasn’t been shown to bother her. If this was a legitimate concern for her she would’ve taken care of it a long time ago. You can presume that her tiara & ability to fly at supersonic speeds is sufficient to keep the hair out of her eyes. Maybe she’s been hit in the eyes with her hair so much during sparring that she’s no longer phased by any discomfort. If this was a non-powered heroine like Huntress I’d agree that her hairstyle is unrealistic but Diana is an Amazonian Demi-Goddess.
    The real issue is why doesn’t Batman unclasp his cape every time he fights? In real life a cape like that would impede him from doing all those nifty martial arts moves he travelled around the world learning.

  • Lady Viridis

    Maybe it’s never been shown to bother her because comics and TV shows are usually written by men, who presumably don’t think about these issues? The same way that many women in comics are drawn with huge breasts and terribly impractical costumes?

  • 6Qubed

    The only thing I really take issue with is that she’s holding the scrunchie in her mouth rather than putting it around her wrist beforehand.

    (I am a dude I have long hair I keep it tied back regularly [hair ties not scrunchies] and yes I realize that showing the scrunchie on her wrist from that angle would be difficult-to-impossible and yes I am nitpicking and no it doesn’t take away at all from the joke and no I don’t have any other problems with this picture [nope not even the suddenly sassy Batman])