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White House Petition Organizers Make Critical Wishing-for-More-Wishes Mistake

Yesterday we brought you the story of the White House’s petitions website, where any American can post a petition on an issue, and if that petition is signed 25,000 times, it gets addressed by the White House in an official statement. Well, after petitions to do things like build a Death Star and deport a British-born American newscaster for saying stuff about gun control reached that mark easily, and the threat of other internet-friendly petitions, that ask to build the Enterprise or for each state in the union to name a state pokémon looming nigh, the White House decided this week to raise the minimum number of signatures a petition requires.

But according to a new petition on the site, they forgot a very important loophole.

Because now there’s a petition to lower the number of signatures needed to get a petition adressed by the White House.

According to the Daily Dot, it reads:

We, the 100,000 People of the United States, demand that the petition level for taking us seriously goes back down to 25,000 people.

And the makers of it are quite serious, pointing out that the use of the petition website is one way for the average American citizen to get their voice heard at the very top of the executive ladder. One reason why the White House is quadrupling the requirement to get petitions heard, I’m sure, is because of the increased frequency of joke petitions or petitions for acts that are clearly not within the White House’s constitutional abilities now that the site is gaining prominence. If the White House is going to take high ranking petitions seriously, it needs a bar that actually weeds out the ones that aren’t serious. Otherwise, the site isn’t really functioning as that good method of communication between the people and the President.

(The Daily Dot.)


  • Jamie Mulhern


  • Sabrina

    BWAHAHAHAHA, that’s highly entertaining. Popcorn for everyone! :D

  • Anonymous

    Not to point out the blindingly obvious but wouldn’t it just take one guy to sit down and go “Death Star?” *delete*

    It can’t be that hard…

  • Anonymous

    In France, we do prefer protests (or strikes with protests, the upper level). Oh, the governement doesn’t listen any better most of the time, but at least we gotta do some physical activity and meeting other people. It’s been a cultural thing since several centuries.

    And according to Hollywood, it allowed Jean Valjean and Fantine to perform dramatic songs in the streets of Paris.

  • Rachel Van Gilder

    It’s my understanding that the White House also can’t make anybody fall in love with anybody else or bring people back from the dead. It’s not a pretty picture. They don’t like doing it.

  • Mark Brown

    Because establishing arbitrary rules and red tape is easier than developing a sense of humour.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Some all-powerful administration. I bet Obama couldn’t even get us out of this cave.

  • Anonymous

    And everyone IN THE WORLD can sign up ?

    Also … White House, if your people are internet trolls .. than you have to make a goverment for YOUR PEOPLE

  • Jee

    Here it is:

    Unless I missed the link there wasn’t one in the article…

    100,000 is a ton of signatures .

  • Anonymous

    But then someone has to make that call. And you know people will get pissed if it’s a petition they supported. Say they just deleted and ignored all the petitions about states seceding that reached the 25K mark (I know Texas’ managed) because they were assumed to mostly be a trolling thing. How long do you think it would take, in seconds, for people to start running stories about how the administration had lied about responding to petitions, how you can’t trust them on anything, how they are trying to silence and oppress people’s voices? This way they can try to control the PR – pointing at a couple of fun, silly petitions that they still responded to but that almost no one would argue weren’t frivolous and say that, obviously serious petitions need to have more stringent requirements.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, what Fantine was doing was the opposite of a strike.

  • Anonymous

    Compared to the country’s population, it’s a drop in the bucket. I think it makes sense, even if I did enjoy (and sign!) the Death Star petition.