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Robert Pattinson Speaks On Behalf Of Every Twilight Hater In The World [VIDEO]

Whenever we do a post on Twilight on The Mary Sue, we inevitably get comments with people talking about how much they despise Stephenie Meyer’s writing, the actors involved, or just, you know, the fact that it exists at all. But the funny thing is, you clicked on a story about Twilight so we’re not sure how to help you. So today, in order to please both those who hate sparkly vampires and those who’ve probably already seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 by now, we’ve got a wonderful video from Buzzfeed. They spliced together bits of interviews with Robert Pattinson talking about the films and his character Edward. Which he can’t stand. And well, I’d feel really bad for him if he didn’t have hundred dollar bills falling on the floor every time he raked his hands through his hair. Seriously though. Watch.

(via Buzzfeed)

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  • Bel

    Public Service Announcement: See twilight in theatres while twilight fans are still seeing it for the first time and cheering at the screen and stuff. You will not be disappointed.

  • Kathryn

    Hahaha. Haha. I love how he’s outspoken about it. A lot of people sit there and defend it by saying it’s not real or how he’s a hypocrite for doing the films. Well, firstly, he’s an actor. He’s signed a contract, he’s doing his job. And if he wasn’t doing it, someone else would be… but wouldn’t necessarily be outspoken about it.

    Yeah, I think I got respect for him from that video. Just a shame so many are taken in by it.

  • shadownlite

    Most excellent. Pattinson hates Twilight so hard.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    MovieBob’s positive review ( sounds hilarious. I’ve watched all of these movies with Rifftrax and they’re some of the best comedies I’ve ever seen.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    “Um…for them!” Hahaha!

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    This series is massively entertaining…with RiffTrax.

  • Bri Lance

    Also relevant:

    I got sucked into this Tumblr one day and came out with a newfound appreciation for Mr. Pattinson’s sense of humor.

  • Matt Graham

    I saw Eclipse in theaters. My friend and I were the only males, and I felt kind of skeevy because that showing was very young girls and some mothers.

    Still, I led the slow clap and cheer during the “I’m hotter” scene, because that was awesome writing.

  • Matt Graham

    Kristen treats it the same way. Heck, from what I’ve seen, all of them do at this point. It is just a job, and it’s given nearly everyone a launchpad.

    Kristen is still doing her smaller films and experimenting. Robert is phenomenal in anything I see him in(to name a few: Cosmopolis, Water for Elephants, even as Cedric Diggory!), Anna Kendrick had a bit character early on, but as an Oscar Nominated supporting actress by the time Eclipse had rolled around (although she was awesome in other films before, but I’d argue this brought her to “big screen” familiarity). Ashley Greene is pretty good in that rollerskating movie.

    It’s also interesting seeing where many of the actors came from before Twilight. So many “Oh, wow, that’s the dude from…!”

    Anyway, right on, Kathryn.

  • Sara Sakana

    Yes. Do this.

    And bring a vuvuzela.

  • Anonymous

    That’s hilarious. I kind of like him now — but I still wonder why he agreed to do these movies in the first place.

  • Rebekah Jones

    He agreed before he read the books. How I hear it went down was pretty much-

    “Hey, we have a vampire romance here where you get to be the vampire love interest, want it?”

    “Vampires? Sure, sounds cool, why not?”

    /Signs contract, starts preparing for the role by reading the book, realizes with dawning horror his mistake.

    All this is from back in the day when I was a bit more of a Twilight hater, so I did a lot of research. It’s kinda like watching a trainwreck in level of fun, really. Now I’m down to “manages not to roll her eyes everytime someone starts gushing about how awesome Edward is”. HE’S A STALKING, EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE DUDE GUYS.


  • Michael Wells

    Little thing called a pay check

  • Bel

    That link’s broken, but yeah, it’s thoroughly entertaining and way more so if you’re watching with fans, though I can’t tell you why without spoilers.

  • Adam R. Charpentier
  • Anonymous

    I hated on Twilight for the longest time…then I branched out, discovered feminism, and realized it was the Patriarchy I hated all along. STILL can’t stand the abusive relationship in this series, but I can totes empathize with the fantasy of being lusted after. Just, ya know, you can haz Twilight, I’ll stick to biting your face off with my Werewolf: The Forsaken character. World of Darkness RULES!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, across the entire movie franchise there is at least 20 minutes of truly great, hilarious cinema.

    But yeah, I kinda love Robert Pattinson for all his unique brand of snark during interviews. I presume he is under some sort of contract saying ‘can you please not state outright that these films suck, thank you.’ but has been dancing around the line for years without crossing it.

  • Magic Xylophone

    HAHAHAHA He’s such an asshole about it. Sheer delight. Please tell me there’s an equivalent compilation for Stewart? It would do my bile duct so much good.

  • Sarah

    No one hates Twilight more than Pattinson.

    “It seemed like a book that wasn’t supposed to be published.” BEST LINE.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t try to defend Twilight: as engrossing as the books are on first read through , they are way problematic. But it seems pretty rude to publicly shit on the franchise that made your career. No love for RPattz here.

  • Amanda Weller

    i’m surprised that the pr people for this movie let him do interviews at this point. then again the vast majority of the people who will see this movie will see it no matter what so i guess they don’t really have to worry about what he says.

  • Kathryn

    Except he was pretty popular in the Harry Potter film he did before Twilight, so I’m not sure what your point is.

    There’s two ways you can work as an actor – say what people want to hear or be honest. Olivia Thirlby’s interviews R.E. Dredd were the former, Robert Pattinson is doing the latter. I would rather an actor be honest than just say what they think people want to hear, because it shows they’re actually thinking about what they’re doing.

    And, really, I think he’s using his position to speak out about Twilight. Considering how many people are seemingly obsessed by the books and taken in by it (and, by extension, books like 50 Shades), I think what he’s doing amounts more to a public service than anything else. He’s saying that aspects of Twilight are basically the author’s masturbatory fantasies and that, if Edward was real, he would be an incredibly worrying person to be near. *So* many Twilight fans don’t seem to realise that.

    So I say kudos to him, really. I’d argue it’s proof of his integrity as an actor.

  • Kea Alwang

    Well, there you have it: Maybe if the actors in the film actually cared about the roles, maybe the films wouldn’t be as horrific as they are IMHO. I really did enjoy the books. I think the films were cast all wrong, the chemistry between Bella and Edward was non-existent and the entire run of films felt like, “yeah, let’s slap this thing together to make money off teen girls. Doesn’t need to be done well.” Naturally, actors are not going to relish every role they take. And hey, a role is a role is a paycheck. But such disdain? No wonder the films are lame. Its shows in some of the performances.

  • Brittany N. Harris

    I also think he has said before he had a better experience as Cedric Diggory on the set of Harry Potter then he did with Twilight. I really hope Pattison is able to put these horrible movies in the past and focus on a successful career because he is talent and I think he is getting in the habit of showering so thats a plus. As for Stewart I don’t think I will ever watch a movie with her unless she is surrounded by an amazing cast.

  • mb presents

    and the analogy to E probably being an ax-murderer in real life

  • Madeleine Woodward

    I absolutely LOVE how much Robert Pattinson hates Twilight and what its done to his life. I mean… I’m like 90% sure no one hates Twilight more than him!!! :P

  • derpina

    He probably signed up for the movie before it became a huge hit. I’m pretty sure he’s more than a little bitter that every twilight fangirl now associates him with Edward and I’m sure it makes it a little hard to film new movies when this series that he doesn’t even like has taken over his life.

  • Anonymous

    So much truth. We can blame it on contractual obligations, but didn’t they have multiple contracts? I seem to remember KStew bargaining for millions to appear in the Breaking Dawn movies. At that point it WAS a paycheck. As someone who works solely for the paycheck and finds no joy in anything I do for 9 hours a day, I can attest…it sucks and it shows.

  • Katherine Traylor

    I agree. The least he could have done was wait till all the movies were in the can before he started being rude about them.

  • Chris Walsh

    I read the Potter comment somewhere too. Have you seen Adventureland? Stewart plus Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Wiig and others. I think it was filmed pre-Twilight too.

  • Chris Walsh

    I’ve had a quick look. Googled “Kristen Stewart hates Twilight” – nearly 9000 hits. Top link is this, reading it now Quote: ” I’m starting to wonder if my less-than-flattering image of her has less to do with who she actually is as a person, and more to do with how she gets portrayed in the media.” (their emphasis).

  • Vanessa James

    I don’t think he had a problem with the set or the cast. He just hates the whole plot and the characters. I liked Kristen Stewart before – I think Twilight just gave her a bad name with people judging her on one character (and not a very developed on at that). That seems pretty common with young actresses that are popular these days…they’re either overrated or underrated. She’s actually pretty good in other roles – or at least she has great potential. I’m excited to see her future roles. I think she has a lot to bring. Anyways, love the cast and I wish them well.

  • Vanessa James

    Yeah, I didn’t like her before either, but I do now. She seems pretty nice – just different from the typical Hollywood types.

  • Chris Walsh

    I found something similar with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead up to The Hunger Games’ release. Pretty much no articles on mainstream sites about her earlier work, then BAM! a whole slew of stuff that appears to portray her as a terrible person, or a bad choice physically for the role of Katniss, but hardly any focus on what she thinks. It’s almost as if they want us to hate famous people simply for being famous, rather than enjoy the talents that brought them to our atttention, so that we don’t want to hear their thoughts. In my unscientific analysis THG’s fans on Tumblr were very interested in who Lawrence is as a person, including her opinions. My article is here:

  • tby

    whatever floats haters’ boat:D … lol.. you don’t have to be his fan to love him.. but you should have at least some clue to get jokes he makes. don’t jump on every word, Robert has very wicked sense of humor

  • Fiona