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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Of Course!

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Is Named the Year’s Worst Movie by the Razzies. Go On, Act Surprised.

There were worse movies to come out this year, to be sure. But, like the Oscars they were created to mock, the Razzie Awards is just a yearly bit of fluff that picks their winners (or “winners”) based on mostly meaningless criteria. So let’s just sit back and have fun with it, yeah?

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was nominated in every single category, and in addition to Worst Picture it got awards for Worst Actress (Kristen Stewart), Worst Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner), Worst Screen Couple (Lautner and Renesmee actor Mackenzie Foy), Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Director (Bill Condon), and Worst Remake/Rip-Off-or Sequel. That’s quite a send-off for the franchise, Razzies.

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene escaped unscathed, however, as the Razzies went with That’s My Boy‘s Adam Sandler and Battleship‘s Rihanna for Worst Actor and Supporting Actress, respectively. If Adam Sandler is in a movie, they have to give a Razzie to him. It’s written in the bylaws or something. That’s My Boy also won Worst Screenplay.

I didn’t see any of this year’s nominees (thank goodness), so my own personal Razzie for the year’s worst film has to go to 1911, a Chinese historical epic starring Jackie Chan that is painfully, hilariously bad. How about you?

(via: Deadline)

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  • Seanna Tucker

    Snow White and the Huntsmen. That was this year, right?

    Though, Kristen Stewart still gets worst actress. I don’t care which movie.

  • Callie Ray

    To hell with the Razzies! They have no right to award the worst of the year.

  • Zola the Gorgon

    Prometheus, for oh so many reasons. The plot made no sense, every character behaved like an idiot. But mostly for getting my hopes up and then dropping them from a great height to splatter their entrails over the barren, plot-free wasteland.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    No group has the “right” to name the worst film of the year. Or the best, for that matter. Oscars, Razzies, awards season in general—I feel like people take it too seriously sometimes. It’s just a bit of fun.

  • Matt Graham

    I thought BD Part 2 was pretty awesome once it became X-Men at the end. Dakota Fanning getting beheaded by a wolf, Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart whipping butt, vampires with elemental powers that put X-Men or Avatar to shame? I was entertained – movie mission accomplished.

  • Matt Graham

    I was down with it until Charlize’s final scene. All you had to do was run to the side, Charlize.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong, Twilight is tripe with a lot of hugely problematic elements in it (and I’m not just talking about the abusive relationship either) but I do get the sense sometimes that it’s really about proving their sweet indie cred by hating the flavor of the month. We get it. Twilight is shit.

  • Sara Sakana

    We found the Twihard.

  • Leah Starkweather

    hey man, you can’t diss Jackie Chan…he don’t want no trabu

  • Catherine Dove

    For those of you who keep insisting to us NON-fans because ‘Stephenie Meyer is laughing all the way to the bank… The only reason THAT happened is because YOU all allowed her to force this incredibly dysfunctional story down our throats like this AFTER we were SCREAMING our issues about it.

    Basically, the way they filmed BDp1 AND BDp2 is a great big huge FLIP OFF to MANY of her FORMER FANS – not to mention the ENTIRE WORLDWIDE VAMPIRE FANDOM (those of us who weren’t obsessed with Twilight’s not-even-SORT-of ‘Vamps”, anyway.

    SMeyer could have written ANY ‘ol ending in Breaking Dawn – and that’s obviously what she did. The fans she ‘accidentally’ got addicted to her story because of the irresponsible way she wrote it would have LAPPED UP whatever P*SS she wrote like honey (and you did).

    This entire ‘blockbuster saga’ was built off of DEBATES, not good storytelling!! If you would like the COMPLETE explanation that officially DEBUNKS the Twilight Saga storyline, do a search for ‘explain twilight breaking dawn ending on blogspot’ – you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know and ALOT more than you EVER wanted, LoL!

  • Magic Xylophone

    More disappointing than Breaking Dawn? Infinitely. Worse than Breaking Dawn? Not even close.

  • Magic Xylophone

    I’m surprised Pattinson didn’t accept Worst Picture in person, considering his loathing for the franchise.