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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Hot Toys Releasing An Iron Man Figure With No Armor, Who’s Really Beat Up, And Has Lots Of Toys

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Now that I own a Hot Toys figure, I can personally attest to their quality but while they’ve already produced a few Iron Man collectibles, they’ve decided to put out another, mostly armor-less one. “Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the Tony Stark (The Mechanic) Collectible Figurine after the exciting scene where Tony Stark creates homemade weapons to infiltrate The Mandarin’s mansion,” they write on Facebook. “Tony Stark in his battle damaged civilian attire in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, an advanced body with light-up chest light and greatly detailed weapons and accessories.” Take a look.

(via ComicsAlliance)

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  • Kay

    This action figure makes me extremely happy. I mean, it’s amazing and gorgeous, but part of what I deeply enjoyed about IM3 is the fact that it deconstructs the idea of Iron Man and reminds us that the whole premise is that a person is better than a machine: Tony Stark is what makes Iron Man, not the suit. So the idea that someone is making an action figure of Tony Stark being badass, instead of an Iron Man suit being badass, is just wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that means that you can change out his hands, and NOT that he walks around with a backpack full of severed hands.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, when do we get a Hot Toys Pepper Potts? They’ve already got like 10 Iron Men.

  • Victoria Dreyer

    This thing looks freaking awesome! But… I have to tell you guys…

    …it’s a *doll*. :D

  • Diaspora

    Wouldn’t you, if you had the chance? Heck, I think I’d be tempted to ask passersby for high-fives, if only to see them freak out when ‘my’ hand dropped out of my sleeve to splat on the sidewalk!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll let the Fresh Prince say it: