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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I See What They Did There

Conan Confronts Tom Felton With Very Slashy Harry/Draco Fanart

Sometimes you have to wonder, when you’re dicking around the internet and “stumble” on some particularly slashy bit of fan fiction or fanart, what exactly the actors who played these characters would think about this. Are they tickled by visions of their characters canoodling with co-stars? Are they absolutely terrified of what the world of fandom has wrought? Well, Conan decided to test this when he had Tom Felton on as a guest and showed him some of the more notable Draco/Harry fanart that has been circulating around the internet since he was, oh, about 14. Tom Felton has always been one of the more publicly fan-connected of the Harry Potter cast, and has even mentioned certain ships in interviews before, so the fact that Conan felt comfortable confronting him with this isn’t completely off the wall. Still, he expresses his approval of fanfiction as a whole, even if he is a bit alarmed at the bits that involve him, naked, in bed with Daniel Radcliffe. 

(via Youtube)

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  • kalsangikid

    I’m surprised Conan didn’t trot out the gif where he’s smacking Harry’s bottom.

  • Raksha5 Akashi

    He knows he loves Drarry ;] (just like I do x3)

  • Textbook Leftovers

    He looked kinda horrified by the second one. I hardly blame him, lol.