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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Tina Fey’s Daughter Becomes Internet Sensation

How do you become an internet meme? It starts with confidence. This picture of Tina Fey, her husband Jeff Richmond, and their daughter Alice made its way onto Reddit yesterday, the hivemind consensus was that she was adorable and a boss all at the same time, and the photoshop started to flow like… a flowing thing.

First things got classed up a bit,

And then some beloved standbys were trotted out

A challenger appeared!

But he just wanted to be friends.

There’s are a lot of friends to be found in the meme business, actually.

We, uh. We don’t have a place for this one in the narrative we’ve set up here.

(via Urlesque and Buzzfeed, but mostly Reddit.)


  • Michelle Parsneau

    Wow. Ms. Fey does NOT look happy at whatever is going on. Their daughter is lovely, but it is too bad that the poor kid gets scrutinized like this. Having said that, I love the photo collages. : D

  • Alanna Bennett

    Bosses naturally have boss children.

  • Ane

    I generally don’t like it when the photographers take pictures of kids just because they are offspring of celebs. But the fact that this is Fey’s kid is really a small note since Alice is awesome, I mean look at her: The kid is übercool :D

  • Anonymous

    They’re called mini-bosses.

  • Dupree

    I love that Lil’ Fey is finally getting the appreciation she deserves! From what Tina says about her in “Bossypants” I only expect greatness from her in the future.

  • JoAnna Luffman

    While I like seeing pictures of kids growing up, it bothers me as a parent that the paparazzi feel they can take pictures of other people’s kids and post them wherever they want. I have to sign wavers so my daughter’s troop could put pictures on a private invite-only site!

    I don’t want the spotlight on anyone’s kids, from the Obamas, to the Palins, to the stars. If they want to talk about their children (and what parent doesn’t?) that’s one thing. But not being able to have your child walk down a street without cameras isn’t right.

  • mmaCatwoman

    I like the one of her with the pimp cane and walking with Leo. Funny stuff, she’s too cute!

  • Anon


    Sure it came from reddit

  • Verminspeaker

    I agree with you. But, once something is on the Internet, it never goes away. At least this meme isn’t malicious.

  • Barry Margaret A

    too funny. is jeff really that short?

  • Anonymous