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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Princess Who Saved Herself

If Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak‘s Kickstarter gets $7k more dollars, they’ll make a comic for kids based on Coulton’s song “The Princess Who Saved Herself,” which is about a princess who convinces all the monsters that threaten her to join her rock band, as a stretch goal. I’ll just leave a link to it here. (MTV Geek, Youtube, Kickstarter)

Amy Reeder’s got a new comic project, and you can help Kickstart it here.

  • Interesting: The bright plumage of male birds might be hormonally suppressed in females, which is why when some lady birds pass their fertile age, they get very colorful. (io9)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness has been moved up a day, to premiere at midnight on a Wednesday. This is not always a good thing for movies, but on the other hand, we get to find out what it means that much sooner. (The LA Times)

GTFO is a funded Kickstarter project, but as a documentary on sexism in the video games community, you might be interested in knowing it exists, anyway.

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  • Matt Graham

    Amy Reeder can always have my money.

  • Anonymous

    “The Princess Who Saved Herself” instantly reminded me of “The Paper Bag Princess.”

  • Anonymous

    I thought of “Jane and the Dragon.” I loved that book.

  • Rebekah M. Jones

    I adored that book when I was a kid.

  • Rudiger Dingobait

    I thought of an already existing comic book: “Princeless”. Minus the rock band it follows exactly the same premise.

  • Kathryn

    Jeremy Whitley has publicly stated, numerous times, that he has absolutely no issue whatsoever with The Princess Who Saved Herself.

    There’s a couple of similarities – female protag, PoC protag, dragon companion – but that’s about it. Princeless is about the protag saving her sisters, the KS story is about a princess forming a band, so aside from a few similar points, they are completely different things.

  • Rudiger Dingobait

    Good to hear the Jeremy Whitley’s cool with it.

    Even if they did follow the exact same story I’d still be behind this comic. It sort of like when “Mouse Templar” came out the year after “Mouse Guard” and people went “Do we really need 2 comics about mouse knights?”.

    How anyone can say that with a straight face in front of a rack of 500 superhero comics, three of which involve Wolverine, is beyond me.

  • James Fletcher

    It looks like Code Monkey Save World just passed the 250K, so “The Princess Who Saved Herself” is definitely.

  • Anonymous

    Plus, I’m pretty sure Coulton’s “The Princess Who Saved Herself” song is from 2010, while I believe Princeless came out in 2011.

    So, I don’t think there’s any skullduggery involved, just two different awesome creative people giving their takes on, “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if instead of waiting to be rescued, the woman decided to take action herself?”

  • Life Lessons

    Oh good grief I want to buy the Star Trek tickets NOW please!!!

  • Kathryn

    Certainly. And, to be honest, you can see the difference in Mouse Guard and Mouse Templar straight away. Not read Templar, but I’ve recently become a big fan of Guard.