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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The League of Extraordinary Rodents

I feel like the League of Extraordinary Rabbits would have a similarly robust lineup. (via Bobby Timony)

And finally… edible Bard the Bowman killing edible Smaug. (Geeks are Sexy)

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  • Guest

    That’s a TERRIABLE

  • Kev Tomes

    That’s a TERRIABLE drawing of Batfink… :(

  • val

    bats are not rodents

  • Robert Vary

    Nor are flies!

  • Kev Tomes

    Nor moles!

  • Chanel Diaz

    “Facebook is still pretty terrible at enforcing their content restrictions. Glad to know that breastfeeding mothers are still an autoban, but joking threats of violence accompanied by pictures of the threatened victim photoshopped to look battered are a grey area. (Wired)”

    Aren’t Women Allowed to Breastfeed in Public? I don’t think the Maternal Activity should be Treated like ‘Nudity’ or some kind of ‘Porn’ Activity, Unless there’s No Breastfed Children of a Certain Age Involved.

    But, if there’s going to be a “No Exceptions” Policy on that, why is it Automatically “Okay” to send Graphically Violent Images of Existing People, than? At least Breastfeeding HELPS People. The Young Chidren, got Any You’re CARING For Facebook? Didn’t Think so, especially with that F-Up ’1 Dollar Send Messages To Anyone Who Doesn’t Want It Policy.’

  • Anonymous

    Naked Mole-rats are, and yet where’s Rufus?

  • Anonymous

    Batfink’s not even there. Are you confusing him with bat-bat, from Mighty Mouse?
    And as long as we’re on the subject, where’s Pith Possum, Super-Dynamic Possum of tomorrow?

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Speedy Gonzales!!?
    *typical whitewashing…*

  • Samantha Snyder

    Where’s the Great Mouse Detective?

  • Robert Vary

    I didn’t realize that, so I went on Wikipedia to confirm and was delighted to see moles described as “small cylindrical mammals.”

  • Helen Grubb

    Even though bats are not technically related to rodents I would say they qualify here because of they are so often referred to as flying rodents. Alas, Basil of Baker Street is missing. Who would be the villains? Pinky and the Brain? Professor Ratigan?