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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: NASA Would Do A Better Job At Broadcasting The Olympics Than NBC

We’re just saying, NBC, you should really step your game up. (via The High Definite.)

Here’s the first color photo from the Mars Curiosity rover! (via Curiosity’s twitter.)

  • Science proves that Luke Skywalker should have died in the Tauntaun’s belly. Commence the fan arguments in the comments section! (via i09.)
  • Here are some lovely photos from the 2012 Olympic women’s gymnastics’ floor and beam finals! (via The Frisky.)

Here’s a new image from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Excited yet? (via Collider.)

  • Target is planning to sell a solid 14K gold $999 Mockingjay pin. Just don’t wear it when you’re pretending to be Katniss in the woods somewhere, lest you lose it! (via The Hollywood Reporter.)
  • An Ohio man was arrested for carrying weapons and ammo into a Dark Knight Rises showing. We’re glad the police caught him before anything awful happened. (via Deadline.)

Here’s a pair of leggings that are everything I’ve ever wanted: geeky and sleek on the outside, and bigger on the inside! (via Geeks Are Sexy.)

  • NPR has a round-up of 100 of the best YA novels. Is your favorite on the list? (via NPR.)
  • Jane Wakefield writes about the barriers women face when pursuing STEM careers. (via BBC.)

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  • Captain ZADL

    Han pulls the shelter out of his belt and starts building it immediately. If Luke has between 17 and 60 minutes, then sure, Han can build a super sci-fi tent that probably has a heater of some kind. 

    Did they not see the movie?

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    It’s amazing how quickly the comments section tore that article apart. Of course, the fact that they ignored the tent and assumed that Luke’s body somehow stopped producing heat were pretty obvious oversights.

  • Claire

    How to Get Your Kid to Love Reading: The Year of the Great
    Seventh – One of the Best-Ever YA books