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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: How Catwoman Eats an Apple

Like a boss. One more below. (Bleeding Cool)

Sources are uncertain whether Selina is beating up the guy who stole this kid’s apple so that she can give it back, or eat it herself.

  • So, if you were wondering whether Voodoo, featuring only African American woman superhero that DC has starring in her own title was going to be any good, prepare yourself for disappointment. (Bleeding Cool, again)

LOL Avengers, you so funny. (Many more at ScreenRant)

Okay everyone just take a deep breath and don’t make an “it’s bigger on the inside joke.” I have (possibly misplaced) faith in your creativity. (Geeks of Doom)

Does this tweet mean there’s a third X-Files movie on the way? Did anyone see the second one? (io9)

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  • Kath

    I saw the second X-Files movie without seeing any episodes. I’ve seen it a couple of times, and I personally think it’s a fairly good watch and stands on its own fairly well.

    Plus, come on, Gillian Anderson. Lady is almost hotter than Christina Hendricks with Holly Hunter’s voice from The Incredibles.

  • Alexander Lorenzen

    I still can’t get over the brown hair on Selina Kyle. It’s pretty simple Nolan, Batman’s cowl is attached to his cape, and Selina has BLACK hair. It’s very simple.

  • Mark

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but white people don’t actually have black hair, just dark brown. Besides, Anne Hathaway already has dark hair, so why bother?

  • Deedkk

    very good go=====wwwjordanforworldcom

  • Anonymous

    Actually, some do. Blue black, in fact. Not from a bottle, either. My family does, and we’re Irish. 

  • Abel Undercity

    And Michelle Pfeiffer was blonde, and Nolan apparently thought it was a spiffy idea to let Batman be able to turn his head every now and then (cf. Keaton, Michael).

  • DH

    Jeebus, all the Avengers set photos kill me. That cast is puppies-and-unicorns-level cute. 
    I saw the second X-Files film. I will see anything X-related, can’t help myself.

  • Anonymous

    Scarlett went bright red to play Black Widow, she can go black to play Catwoman. Also, you’re definition of white is incredibly narrow. I guess southern Europe doesn’t fit into your world-view.

  • Mark

    Selina Kyle’s origins are weird and filled with ret-cons, but with a name like Kyle, I’m guessing she’s not from Southern Europe. Besides, remember the other Catwomen? Pfeiffer was blonde, Newmar was also brunette, and Kitt and Berry were black (I know Berry wasn’t Kyle, but let’s ignore that). Be happy they at least got her skin-tone vaguely right.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t know that based on her last name. All she needs is a paternal ancestor with the name Kyle.