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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Exorcist In Crochet

Crochet makes everything huggable … except for this. It’s awesome, but I still don’t want to touch the yarn vomit. See more horror-ific crochet work at Croshame, and make sure to visit the Etsy store. The power of yarn compels you! (via I Have Seen the Whole of the Internet)

Just in case of an impending apocalypse, Styleite has a few items that you could probably use to save yourself and others. Like this purse-mask — a purse that turns into a mask.

If every Bill Murray character went bowling with each other, it would look like this, and it would be the most fun anyone would ever have ever. By Ian Glaubinger, who also has an Etsy shop for his work. Click to see it full-sized. (via Popped Culture)

  • The best thing you didn’t think of: every U.S. President, sorted into houses at Hogwarts. Of course, George Washington was in Gryffindor. And, of course, Richard Nixon was in Slytherin. (at Full Stop)
  • Conan O’Brien is filming Conan in New York this week, and he’s going to commemorate his return to the state that made him a star by officiating a gay wedding on the air! He will preside over the marriage of two men, a longtime Conan staffer and his long-term partner. Mazel tov! (via GLAAD)
  • Here is how to be a good geek parent: Teach your children the ABCs of geekdom with this new self-published book by New Zealand couple, Andrew and Sarah Spear! (via Laughing Squid)

    Offered without comment. (via EPIC Ponyz)

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    • Frodo Baggins

      That’s rich, putting Nixon in Slytherin, when Gryffindors are the ones who drugged and impersonated Slytherins so they could infiltrate and spy on them. Polyjuice-gate was a travesty of injustice!

      And they put Dubya in Hufflepuff? The ones known for being loyal, hard-working, and good at finding stuff? This is total BS.

    • Anonymous
    • Lilian de Araújo

      I can imagine Homerchu in my nightmares… chasing after me…. 

    • Glenn Buettner

      Well, apparently I need to learn how to crochet.

    • Julianne McCartney

      Bwahhahahahahaha Polyjuice-gate. I dont know if Dubya would make it into Hogwarts let alone be sorted into a house

    • Anna B

      Well, when they’re not smart, brave, or ambitious, people tend to think the Hufflepuffs get the leftovers.

    • Frodo Baggins

      Well, if his dad could buy him a Yale degree…