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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Easter Island Statues Have Bodies — Bodies

Seriously, how did it take humans this long to realize that there might be bodies attached to those heads? Well, there are bodies attached to those heads, and here they are! (via Think Box)

  • Sad news from the comic book industry: Creator of Jonah Hex and Black Orchid Tony DeZuniga has passed away at age 79. He had been suffering from the effects of a stroke, heart failure, and brain damage. (via CBR)
  • And now, Metroid‘s Samus Aran speaks out on the issue of marriage equality (by Marco Kaye). (via McSweeney’s)
  • Kate Cox has a very special Mother’s Day tradition that not only honors her mom, it helps to heal her brain — she buys her a new video game, every year. (via Kotaku)
  • Florence Williams has brought up a very important question: Why do women have breasts anyway? (via The Jane Dough)
  • So, are you a moviegoer? Are you getting confused by all the handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed men named “Chris” who have been appearing on-screen? In the case of The Avengers, in the same movie? Well, The Frisky has a comprehensive guide for you.

  • Yesterday’s announcement that President Barack Obama supports marriage equality was a very big deal, and the tweet that was issued by the White House might have broken Twitter. We can’t be that upset about that. (via Yahoo)
  • A hint to other superheroes: this only works in movies. (via Bookoisseur)

    And since I’m the one doing TWS Today, I’m going to take this little space to with my brother and fellow geek Dan a very happy birthday!

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    • John Wao

      Wow did that discovery about Easter island blow anyone else’s mind? 

    • Anonymous

       I can’t believe it! But as soon as I saw it I agreed with the caption, how did we never think to look before?

    • John Byrne Says…

      I saw photos of the Easter Island statues with bodies about 6 months ago. I was so shocked I called my two brothers and my wife right away to see if they knew. None of them did and none of us could believe we had never known that before.

    • Anonymous

      Most of the Easter Island statues have their whole bodies above ground.
      It does beg the question, was it buried purposefully?

    • Natalie Sharp

      I remember reading about their bodies in a book as a kid. :P

    • K.K.

      There are A LOT of laws protecting archaeological sites—because once you excavate, you can’t undo it. An excavation will ruin an archaeological site permanently. So before digging, you want to have all the information you can gather from an undisturbed site—this can involve decades of research. In addition to permission, archaeologists need adequate funding, which is garnered by proving excavation will result in beneficial knowledge of humanity. It’s not that people never thought to dig them up, there were just reasons for not digging them up until now. You can read more about the excavation here:

    • Anonymous

      LOL!  Great question – seems so obvioius about the statues!

    • Anonymous

      The sad part is, the Internet has made me so cynical, I am not 100% sure if this is bullshit or not.

    • Emily Hill

       well if they’re from my state it took them forty five years to realize the mummy in the art and science museum in Baton Rouge was a guy XD

    • Fran

      Thanks for that link.  I went to the other one at ThinkBox and there was this long drawn out religious debate with stuff like the flood and evolution going on.  Not enough ooo’ing and ahh’ing going on to satisfy my geeked out mood on this one.  Seriously cool.

    • Bruce Townley

      The Easter Island moai not only had bodies but also top-knots and *eyes*. The eyes were only inserted during special, ceremonial times though.

    • Anonymous

       So cool, thanks for the link!

      I guess it’s great that we’ve got the technology to investigate before we dig. Archaeologoy is the coolest.

    • Gislei Brasil