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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Joss Whedon Supports Ben Affleck For Batman

No, Joss! Not you, too!! Wait a second…oh my god, of course! (via Joss Whedon

  • BuzzFeed Publishes Anti-Planned Parenthood Article Written By Personhood USA (via The Frisky)

By Axel Medellin for CBR’s latest The Line is is Drawn.

  • Jessica Hammer, a researcher at Columbia University, reached out to us to help spread the word on her latest project. She writes, “I am researching how games can help people understand complex concepts, and I am trying to recruit people who love games to play an experimental game that I’ve created. I want to make sure I get both men and women to play.” If you’d like to help her out, check out Replayable.

BustedTees has this clever mashup tee for sale in both women’s and men’s styles. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  • frodobatmanvader

    Ha! Someone else says what I’ve been thinking! Snyder wanted a Batman with a chin as manly as his and Cavill’s!

  • venturesister

    Whenever someone uses the phrase “crush it”, I brace myself for the exact opposite to happen.

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Affleck. He doesn’t look like a bad guy and he probably doesn’t deserve to have everyone hating on him. Still, he never knew how to pick his part as an actor and he’s paying for it yet again.

  • Adrian

    Whedon doesn’t really dig DC.

    I love everything he’s written and I don’t doubt for a second that his WW script was amazing, but he’s said himself that he doesn’t really relate to the DC universe the way he does with Marvel (he said something to the effect of DC superheroes being like gods and Marvel superheroes being more like real, relatable people), so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d be cool with Affleck as Batman.

    …or it could just be his opinion and I’m over-analyzing this.

  • thebravestheart

    Sure, let’s all argue with the guy who made one of the most successful comic book movies ever. Or, maybe we can use this as an opportunity to rethink our snap-judgments….

  • Fisty

    Well, Batman is the most “Marvel” of the big DC heroes.

  • Alexa

    He really feels way too boyish for me to imagine as Batman…But who knows…

  • Robert Vary

    So, that would be Hellcat, then?

  • Anonymous

    Once again: Who cares for Joss Whedon’s opinion (or Kevin Smith’s for that matter)?

    Yes, I liked his “Avengers” very much. Doesn’t make his opinion for me relevant. It’s just one opinion (of a billion). I think B.A. is wrong, even if he should be decent in the role he still will be wrong. Amen!

  • Anonymous

    Well, why feeling bad for him? It was his choice. He made it and he probably will survive the backlash. I like him, too, but I’m not in favour of his decision. There’s no contradiction in that.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Well, for one, we care. We’re a geek culture site. We like Joss Whedon. But this particular creator’s opinion was shared because we found it amusing the director of a Marvel blockbuster would be in support of an actor, myself and others think is a bad choice, for a DC role. Like he’s happy because he knows it will do badly.

    I could be wrong, he could be completely sincere, but that’s the joke I decided to run with.

  • Anonymous

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    He really feels way too boyish for me to imagine as Batman…But who knows…

  • Important Film Maker

    hence, the most successful (not a zing just a fact)

  • Anonymous

    Blaming Buzzfeed for something a user posts is like blaming Facebook for your racist uncle’s status updates.

  • Anonymous

    He’s getting paid truckloads of cash to play arguably the most iconic superhero of the last 3 decades, based on the dubious merits of having a chin cleft and a well known name, and you feel bad for him?

  • Anonymous

    The problem is he’s talentless and he made a career out of being a nice guy. That’s what happens when you get parts and movies based on all the good friends you have. If you can’t hack it, you can’t expect people to not roll their eyes every time you get a big overhyped lead.
    I feel bad for him too btw. I’m not saying that as a hater. I think he really should give up acting and focus on directing.

  • CW

    Whedon’s tweet says it all: “just needs the material.” With Snyder directing, Goyer writing, and Miller consulting that material isn’t going to be there, no matter how much Affleck’s abilities have improved recently.

  • Anonymous

    Goyer has done a couple fun things I liked. He just needs somehow to curb his worst impulses.

    Same for Snyder.

    Miller? No. Just no. There is no hand strong enough. Please take him back to the Eighties where he belongs.

  • Adrian

    I think his opinion is at least qualified, if not relevant as well. Aside from being one of the most popular and prolific geek culture writer ever, he has actually DIRECTED ACTORS for the past couple decades and can read into capabilities and casting far better than any of us could.

    So yeah, I definitely care for his opinion. One vote here.