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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Thor: The Dark World Gets An Official Website, More Promo Pics

I see you there, Sif. Here’s the official website, which just went live; for more new pics head to SuperHeroHype.

  • Check out this X-ray photo of a what wearing a corset looks like over at The Frisky. I quite like corset-ing it up at the RenFaire—mine isn’t very heavy-duty, and it gives me good posture with zero effort on my part, which is great—and I still winced.
  • First Yahoo! purchases Tumblr. Now they’re apparently one of the companies bidding on Hulu. (Paste)
  • Even if you’ve never seen a Fast and Furious film (I’ve only seen Fast Five, and darnit, I quitted liked it. The Rock says “funderwear,” people!), Angie Han‘s What Fast & Furious 6 Could Teach Star Trek Into Darkness About Half-Naked Women on /Film is a good read.

Dave Perillo‘s Return of the Jedi poster (click the image to embiggen) closes out the trilogy; you can see A New Hope and Empire over at /Film.

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  • Anonymous

    I saw corset photo’s long ago, please woman never wear them, I’m begging you, that’s so wrong and no one should ever have to do that.

  • Mina

    Well nowadays it’s not so much about HAVING to do it as WANTING to. I don’t personally know any women who wear corsets day-to-day or all day when they do wear them, but once in a while can be fun for certain styles/costumes.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Sif is about to stab Thor in the back and take over the franchise, and I’m okay with that.

  • Anonymous

    I get that, I just remember a friend posting old medical photos of injuries resulting from corset wearing, no one should ever have their body look that way.

  • Felix Tejeda

    my fri℮nd’s st℮p-sist℮r mak℮s $75/hℴur ℴn th℮ int℮rn℮t. Sh℮ has b℮℮n ℴut ℴf a jℴb fℴr t℮n mℴnths but last mℴnth h℮r inℂℴm℮ was $17118 just wℴrking ℴn th℮ int℮rn℮t fℴr a f℮w hℴurs. R℮ad mℴr℮ h℮r℮………

  • Aeryl

    What other ways that bodies can or should look are you going to police for us?

    Heels are terrible for people too, but I never hear people go on and on about what those are doing to our bodies.