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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Back to the TARDIS

By Sara Wheeler, via Geeks Are Sexy.

Meet math-inspired 3D printing sculptor Bathsheba Grossman, creator of the gorgeous pendant above. *grabby hands* (Boing Boing)

  • Star Wars: Episode VII has its costume designer: Michael Kaplan, whose previous credits include Blade Runner, Fight Club, and Star Trek (2009). (Collider)
  • We at The Mary Sue are looking forward to Red 2, coming out in July, and now it looks like we’ll have a Red 3 to look forward to as well: Summit has signed Jon and Erich Hoeber, who wrote the first two films, to pen a third. (/Film)

Only Lovers Left Alive, Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston‘s vampire flick, now has a poster (above), plus some new stills and clips. You can check those out at ScreenRant.

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  • Anonymous

    I have a problem with Olly Moss (or other people) claiming that Yahoo violated her intellectual rights on “Keep Calm and Carry On.” That particular poster was used by England IN NINTEEN-THIRTYNINE!

  • Skemono

    But even before the first words of her announcement, there was a problem. At the top of her post, above the text, she used a five-year old meme of viral art created by Olly Moss—and she used it without so much as a hat tip, say nothing of compensation

    Sounds like she understands Tumblr just fine, then.

  • Anna Sophia May

    you guys should check out Boutique Academia, they have all kinds of awesome nerdy jewelry :)

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows the reblog feature is infamous for… making people aware of original authorship. Or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    Someone voted down a fact, weird.

  • Hollyanna

    It’s a gif but it only goes through once, so you might not have seen it. Click on it a couple times.

  • Cayzer Ratcliffe

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