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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: An Epic Bat-Stache

Yup. (via Blastr

Want to be a really classy Trekker? Guild Jewelry has an exclusive new Star Trek line of earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks. (via

  • Disney is releasing The Sword In The Stone, Robin Hood, and Oliver and Company on blu-ray August 6th!
  • Writer James Robinson announced on Twitter he’s leaving his DC Comics Earth 2 title after issue sixteen. He followed that up with, “Yes, this also means I’m no longer working at DC Comics.” They’ve lost another good one. (via Comic Book Resources)

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  • Shoshana B

    That mustache is hypnotic…

  • Dan Griffin

    He looks like a member of the bat army in The Dark Knight Returns.

  • Jenni David

    just b℮fоr℮ I lооĸ℮d аt tһ℮ cһ℮cĸ fоur $6468, I didn’t b℮li℮v℮ …tһаt…my mоtһ℮r in lаw wаs liĸ℮ tһ℮y sаy r℮аli℮ bringing in mоn℮y in tһ℮r℮ spаr℮ tim℮ оn tһ℮ir аppl℮ lаbtоp.. tһ℮r℮ fri℮nds cоusin һаs dоn℮ tһis fоr оnly аbоut tw℮nty mоntһs аnd r℮sаntly pаid fоr tһ℮ lоаns оn tһ℮ir villа аnd purcһаs℮d а gr℮аt Smаrt Fоr Twо. gо tо…….,…. Fℴx85.ℂℴm

  • Anonymous

    But I was informed by a musical parody that there is no Bat-moustache!

  • Anonymous

    That is the only acceptable way to have a soul patch.