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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

what is this I don't even

The Team Behind Elementary Is Doing a The Wizard of Oz Medical Drama

First Syfy puts a post-apocalyptic The Wizard of Oz in the pipeline, and now CBS is doing their own version as a medical drama. If someone doesn’t get around to doing an outer space-set Wizard sci-fi comedy I will be sorely disappointed.

Deadline reports that executive producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Tinman Timberman, who brought Sherlock Holmes across the pond and into the new century with Elementary, are now working on Dorothy, “a medical soap based in New York City inspired by the characters and themes from The Wizard of Oz.” Along with Beverly and Timberman Emily Fox, whose credits include Ghost Whisperer, Jane By Design, and the Olsen twins classic New York Minute, will executive produce and write.

Granted, I haven’t seen Elementary. It’s on my list; I’ve heard it’s really good. But this just sounds weird. How do you even do a The Wizard of Oz medical drama? Granted, it being based only on the show’s “characters and themes” and not its actual plot presumably means we won’t have Dr. Gale making her way through the hospital wing with Orderlies Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow to find the mysterious Hospital Director Oz so she can get her vacation time approved and go back home for a few weeks. I imagine Dorothy’s adventurous, curious spirit will be in service of her finding cures for things. But what’s the quest? There has to be a quest!

I don’t even know with this one, readers. I don’t even know. But I do know that, assuming Dorothy doesn’t go all Doogie Howser, M.D. and have its main character be a kid, I’ll be able to ship Dorothy and Scarecrow like I did when I was five, except this time I won’t look back at myself in a few decades’ time and feel vaguely uncomfortable about it.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    The “mean” doctor had a horrible accident a few years back and her skin now carries a consistently greenish tint…but don’t you dare mock her for it! She can be a real witch.

    This one time, a group of her “friends” tried to tease her by throwing cold water on her…

  • Anonymous

    So bizarre! I LOVE Elementary, I’m usually interested in Wizard of Oz themes, and I’m never impressed by medical dramas, so this is something I’d totally check out but give up if it’s too much like other hospitals shows. :D

  • algomeysa2 algomeysa2

    Maybe they’ll drop a House, M.D. on the Wicked Witch of the East.

  • Charlotte Van Zee

    Guys, I can’t believe we’re missing the obvious setting for a medical drama with a Wizard of Oz theme: Mental Institution. Which, y’know, would be actually interesting since I think the last show set in one was what, Kingdom Hospital I think? Perhaps Dorothy is a psychiatric intern and Glinda and …Elphaba are the good doctor and the bad doctor? Oz as the head nurse / chief physician?

    Also ELEMENTARY, you need to watch it. The mysteries are so-so but Lucy Liu as Watson is entertaining off of Jonny’s Sherlock, there are some rather interesting subplots following the drug recovery process, and the choice for Moriarty is… inspired. :D *no spoilers*

  • Nick Gaston

    This concept sounds contrived, forced, and overall horrific. Something I’d never watch.

    …which probably means that mad scientist Dr. Ku-Clip’s creation of Chopfyt is going to be in the pilot, in it’s full g(l)ory, and I won’t find out until after it’s been cancelled.

  • Robert Vary

    Well, obviously at some point there will be characters who receive brain, heart, and nerve transplants.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s about a psych ward I guess it could have some interesting possibilities, but I’m still highly skeptical and medical dramas are not a genre I like very much as they tend to wind up focusing more on who’s banging whom than on actual medicine. I’ll be curious to see if it winds up being a bit like Once Upon a Time where the patients may in fact be exactly who they think they are, but the Wicked Witch is in charge of the hospital/ward and keeping them too drugged to break free. As a general rule I think AUs like this work better in the realm of fanfics and RPs, but I’m sure someone will provide examples (other than temporal shifts) where such things have worked.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. CBS, really?

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I think i saw something like this in an episode of Scrubs. XD