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The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap: “A”

The Walking Dead season four is OV-UH. Did everyone get to Terminus safely? Was a cure for zombieism discovered? Did Dale show up wearing Mickey Mouse ears to take everyone to Disneyland? Let’s find out with Geekosystem‘s Victoria.

Last time on The Walking Dead: everyone’s on their way to Terminus, and a few have already made it there. The compound is fairly empty save for lots of flowers and nice ladies offering food, so naturally we’ve all been gripped with a terrifying sense of overwhelming dread.

We open at… the… prison? Maggie, Glenn, and Rick step out of a car that is very nice and most definitely product placement, and Maggie goes to great her mysteriously not-dead father. She’s wearing riot gear. I’m gonna go ahead and guess this is a dream sequence — but also, she should never stop wearing that riot gear. Pretty much everyone who isn’t Doctor Mullet looks 100% hotter in that stuff.

I expect to see everyone cosplaying riot gear next year. Every. One.

Carol, Tyreese, and Carl walk past as Rick heads to the gate to stab walkers in the face. Hershel looks on approvingly. I think. He’s very inscrutable and also dead, so it’s hard to get a read on him.

Rick goes to stab his first walker, and all of a sudden he wakes up. He’s actually hunched over next to a broken down truck. He also has blood caked on his face. Great! That’s not foreboding or anything!

After the cold open we’re back to before Rick went through some more stuff and things. He’s sitting around a small campfire with Michonne and Carl. Michonne continues to be a better parent than Rick, even when she’s not actually doing anything. Carl wants to know if they’re going to tell the people at Terminus their whole life story, and Rick answers that they’ll tell them “who we are.” “But who are we?” Carl asks. Really, kid? You’ve got no time for an existential crisis right now.

Speaking of which, they come across a walker in that exact moment, dispatch of it quickly — well, Michonne does, because she’s the best — and check on the traps to find a dead rabbit for later. Between this show and Arrested Development, I think I have a very unrealistic notion of what dead rabbits looks like. They always seem too floppy in some places and not floppy enough in others for some reason? But anyway, Rick starts teaching Carl how to make one of these traps: by hiding the noose in a pile of leaves against a “funnel” shaped part of the trail, “so any animals that come by have to run this way.” You know, straight into the trap. The trap. Gee, I wonder if we shouldn’t all be paying very close attention to what is the most obvious foreshadowing I’ve ever seen?

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