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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Our Adorable Past

The Strange, Strange History of Ms. Marvel

The Escapist’s Bob Chipman, whose videos we’ve featured before, took it upon himself to lay out the life and evolution of Ms. Marvel, in all its Silver-Age-Cracked-out making-rape-apologists-of-the-Avengers glory, and with it, lay out some significant facts about Marvel’s editorial history. That is, Ms. Marvel the Marvel Comics superhero. Not a member of the DC Comics Marvel family, headed by Captain Marvel. Who is not Captain Mar-vell, the Marvel superhero.

Look, maybe you just ought to watch the video. Part one above, part two below.

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  • Joanna

    I <3 Movie Bob.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I completely forgot that Rogue stole Ms. Marvel’s powers! Am I wrong or wasn’t that included, very quickly and in a throwaway and never properly explained sort of way, in the 90′s X-Men cartoon?

  • Joanna

    Nah there was a whole story arc behind Rogue’s history at one point.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    No kidding? I was awful tempted to buy the recent DVD releases but one recent shot at rewatching the first episode left me kind of dry. The voice acting and animation weren’t as great as I remembered, so maybe I’m just rewriting my memory so that the story arcs aren’t as appealing either, to save myself from future disappointments…

    Still, neato! Maybe I’ll scrounge around for those exact episodes. In the meantime, why the hell isn’t Ms. Marvel in the Avengers movie?

  • Life Lessons

    Bob you are awesome! And thanks for patting the marvellous Chris Claremont on the back. :) Now come on a cut Ms. Marvel a break!

  • Anonymous

    Rogue stealing Ms. Marvel’s powers actually got an episode devoted to it. In the cartoon, Mystique adopted Rogue when she was kicked out by her antimutant father and eventually sicced her on Ms. Marvel. Something went wrong, and not only were MM’s powers absorbed by rogue, but also her soul, leaving MM ‘comatose’. It was the turning point for Rogue to leave Mystique’s gang. Years later, MM’s soul broke free and tried to take over her body, which she considered essentially hers since Rogue had her powers. With Jean’s help, MM’s soul was imprisoned within Rogue’s mind. Obviously, Rogue was broken over what she had done to MM. The episode ended with Rogue visiting Carol in the hospital, with the final frames showing a small twitch on Carol’s lips.

    And that’s that, though. Wasn’t ever touched upon again, but it made for a pretty intense episode.

  • Kimberly

    See, this is why I don’t get heavily invested in comic super heroes. Wow do the backstories get really complicated!

    Some of them even have multiple incarnations across multiple universes/timelines/worlds.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    That was a lot of information.  Now I want to go hunt for back issues. :D

  • Matthew Lane

    I love Ms Marvel, but i really hated solo mini series, because it just got so bogged down in events that it stopped being “Ms Marvel” & became “[Insert Name of Marvel Event], guest starring some other people… oh Ms Marvels in it too”.

    The Premise of Ms Marvel Solo title: Ms Marvel trying to become Marvels number 1 Super Heroine

    Number of issues before premise was completely discarded: 5 issues (1 story arc)

    Ms Marvel deserved better then that… An heck while i’m at it, can someone please get Marvel to stop trying to bring out new Captain Marvel titles… You aren’t doing your self any favours & its obvious you just want to stop DC from having it; which is chidish.

  • Matthew Lane

    I wouldn’t bother. I love Ms Marvel too, but there are very few good Ms Marvel stories… An yes that includes the Ms. Marvel solo book. I honestly never understood how they turned Ms Marvel into a bit character in here own series.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    So you think they should do the “mature” thing and give away legal rights to a competitor?

  • Matthew Lane

    No, i think that they should stop pretending that they aren’t just putting out piss poor “Captain Marvel” comics once every 3 years, to stop the name from going back into the public domain & being used by DC. Especially considering that none of there Captain Marvels (baring the Photon version who hasn’t used that nome de plume in over a decade), is actually called Captain Marvel, but instead Captain Mar-Vel.

    Its much the same as Marvel deciding to kill off spiderman for three years & DC creating a half asses character that no one likes in a title called Spider-Man & then every 3 years putting out another single issue or crappy mini of a character called Arachnakid, who happens to be in a comic named “The Spectacular Spiderman.” not because they have any interest in the character, but because it stops marvel from using the title.

    Its childish: It was childish when it was first done, its still childish today.

  • Matthew Lane

    second reply: in fact its all explained for in length in a couple of books & in short in another video, that predates these two, by the same person…. you should check it out: